Do AI Copywriting Tools Really Work?

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I am not a copywriter and not a native English speaker – but I use an AI copywriting tool on a daily basis.

Without that tool, writing website copy that converts doesn’t come easy for me.

Knowing that AI is advancing more and more, I decided to give a try when they launched in January this year.

But before we dive into how I use Jarvis, I need to set the stage and talk a bit about Empathy.

Empathy is important to human beings because we want and need to be shown compassion. Humans thrive when they’re in groups and know that somebody else has their back.

That’s what empathy is: You, looking out for me.

Harnessing the power of empathy means that you’ll feel for others – sometimes even before they can articulate their needs. Empathy will help you see the world through someone else’s eyes and understand them better than before.

And that is exactly what you need as a copywriter when you’re working on a landing page.

The headlines, the subtitles, and every single word need to demonstrate your empathy with the reader. However, writing copy in a way that lets empathy shine through is not easy. Especially not as a non-native English speaker (if you’re targeting an English-speaking audience).

But what if you could use AI to do the same job for you – to understand your reader better than you ever could? To craft messaging that connects with your readers? is a tool that uses AI to help you write copy that is more effective in converting leads. It does this by understanding the needs and wants of your reader, and then providing you with content outputs you can refine and adjust to match your tone of voice.

Likely, you have seen tons of AI copywriting tools pop up in 2021. has been the first tool I came across. When they launched their beta in January, I joined immediately.

The reasoning was rather simple.

Better copy means that my conversion rates will increase.

I’ll be able to get more summit attendees and sales for the All-Access Pass.

Just what any entrepreneur and marketer would want, more leads and more revenue…

To write good copy, you need to truly understand what your customers want.

So, given that I do have that understanding, I figured that an AI-based tool like could help me write better copy on my summit websites and in emails.

I wanted to get that satisfaction, knowing I’m on the right track with my marketing efforts.

And I aimed at increasing customer loyalty by providing them with a great experience while attending the summit so they love coming back again and again.

After eleven months of using Jarvis, it has become a staple in my toolbelt. I use it almost daily.

Even in this post, I used it to write the benefits listed above and to rephrase some sentences. Did you notice it?

Probably not. And you wouldn’t be alone with that – don’t worry. In fact, I’ve written entire articles with Jarvis (well, Jarvis provided 80% of the content) and my marketing friends didn’t realize it. Heck, I’ve heard stories about school teachers not recognizing essays have been written with Jarvis (the kid was impaired, so Jarvis was a great help!)

I’ve listed some benefits in the article already, but I really want you to be clear about what I get out of using Jarvis:

  1. Better copy – if your messages and messages are clear and concise, they’re more likely to be understood and acted on.
  2. More leads and sales – we can’t always predict who will be interested in our services or products, so the more people we can reach out to with high-quality messages, the greater chance of converting a new customer.
  3. And finally, better customer service – if customers get good messages from us, they’re more likely to come back again and again. Clarity is key!

Don’t get me wrong, Jarvis will NOT fix all your copywriting issues. Most of the content is not ready to be used as it is.

But for me, that’s not the point. Jarvis gets me content that’s about 70-80% good enough. I’m just adding in details, personal stories, and my own tone of voice.

Every week, I use it to come up with ideas for my newsletters and for turning these ideas into actual emails without wasting time. It’s such a smooth process once you overcome the learning curve AI copywriting tools have.

You can’t expect Jarvis to write entire blog articles or emails for you. At least for me it doesn’t work that way. But Jarvis gives me content I can very easily refine and publish, saving me hours every week.

​I’ve recorded a video, giving you a look over my shoulder of me using on the List Building School summit sales page.​ This hopefully clarifies how I’m using it and why I’m such a big fan.

Have you used an AI copywriting tool before? What was your experience with it?

If you want to give Jarvis a try, please use my affiliate link and get 10k credits on me!

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