Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners Using

Blogging tips and tricks for beginners

If you’re new to blogging, don’t worry! There are a lot of tools out there that can help you make your blog look professional and get it up off the ground. In this video, I share some of my favorite blogging tips and tricks for beginners using

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Are you new to blogging and worried that you’re not a good writer? is a tool that can help you get your blog posts written in no time! It’s easy to use, has great features, and will help you create better content, faster. While AI is not at a point where it can create all your content for you, it certainly can give you ideas and improve what you’ve written.

That’s why I’ve recorded this short video to show you my blogging tips and tricks for beginners using Jarvis. I know how hard it can be to start out on your own, so I want to help make things easier for you. With, there are no limits on what type of written content you can create – go ahead and share with the world! Starting a blog is great for establishing your personal brand or business brand.

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Below is the full transcript of the video, in case you prefer to read.

Hey friends, this is Jan from Virtual Summit Mastery. I want to show you how I’m writing blog posts with today. I’m actually working on a blog post, but now I’m a thousand words in and I wanted to take the screencast and just walk you through my process of using what’s called the power editor or the long format to turn Jarvis I’m on the eyes plan on Boss Mode. Come along and learn my best blogging tips and tricks for beginners.

And I want to show you how I use AI commands to create engaging blog content and to write that content faster. Then I could do it all myself. So let’s dive right into this. On the left-hand side, you can see all the frameworks and templates that Jarvis has. So you can have AIDA or the content improver. You can outline blog posts, ideas, blog posts, outlines, intro paragraphs.

You can simplify content explaining to a child. You can see it has a ton of really, really powerful templates. Connect before after bridge framework, unique value propositions, even for real estate and Pinterest and Quora answers and stuff. So this is for me, I use this, uh, sidebar mostly for the inspiration type of things.

It’s not so much that I add all the templates, but I want to know what I could do then say, for example, I want to write a feature to benefit, a product description and the product description would be virtual summits, help you turn your weaknesses into superpowers. They force you to become a better entrepreneur and a better human being.

If I were to implement that on the blog post, which is about setting summons as a service, what I can do is I can just copy one of the paragraphs, put it in there and then hit generate AI content so that I can. In this case, three different outputs and he had, they all set up benefits. Choose a puff profitable summit theme niche down onto it hurts emotional benefits.

You’ll be the most informed person in your field. That’s not, not so good. What about this one standard benefits. Get more customers and increase your revenue. Increase your email size. That’s actually on point for virtual summits. Emotional benefits. Be the expert in a growing niche market, create an online business that runs itself.

And then here we have, you have a successful summit. You can make money with your summit, make all of her dreams come true. So this is really good, actually. So what I could also do is. In the content editor right here on the most right-hand side, I can give jobs in instruction, like write a feature to benefit for the users, both.

And I just want to have a write that for this paragraph. So these, uh, three stars identify that Java’s, shouldn’t look further up after those. So it will only take this paragraph. What Jarvis comes up with here. You have it. Now we have content directly in this space for the content of the blog posts. And I can just rewrite this. And ex and adapted to the wording and the flow of the article. So this is one of the reasons I liked Jarvis so much is because you can execute any of these templates and even give it other instructions that aren’t listed on this templates slide right here on this template, sidebar to create your own content though, this is Grammarly right now.

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What I’m just going through it right here. So in this paragraph, it actually, Java’s just reported. I repeated what I had, uh, earlier, but this one is really good to, somebody will be well-planned on us from the start to finish with your input on what it’s needed for success. What target audience you have and what market you want to become the expert in and help others to reach their goals.

So I just keep this video running to see you walk you through my thought process. Um, define the attendee avatar truly narrow down on the pain points, wishes and beliefs. Ideally dealer, your customer has his information from Prato services they already sell. So there’s article is what digital agencies want to sell as summits as a service.

It’s a guest post on go where I’m doing a JV webinar soon. So I just want to walk them through setting summit. So this would. What does it even mean to sell some of it as a service? Then we have, what if your customers don’t understand how summits work? This is all written with Java’s on myself, by the way, then how do you execute a someone set, get results?

And this walks them through the seven step process inside virtual summit mastery. So it’s a proven process that I am teaching in this. Uh, in this blog post. And I just want to use Java as to write this blog post quicker, to be honest, because we, we all don’t, we all have no time for creating this content.

So what I’ve done right now is actually didn’t mean to do this again, um, in this section right here, after narrowing down on your needs and your audience, you need to find a good hook for your virtual summons. So. When I bring the RetroSound mastery program onto this point, you can see right here, module 1.4 M is a Manila, but what do you one point for positioning as summit for success?

That’s what I’m currently writing about. So what I want to do is I’m asking Jarvis, give me three reasons why people tend online events. And now I’m asking Jarvis to give me those three reasons directly here in the content.

Okay. So some of the reasons people attend on the commands are to find information, gain knowledge, or network with others in a similar field of interest. Other reason is to build up the CVM mentioned that they’ve attended the event, which could have. Show the level of expertise in the field. This is the first one is on point.

I would have written the same thing, but this one is something I didn’t even think of to build up. This UVM mentioned that they’ve attended the event. Thirdly, attending online events is much easier than participating in in-person conference. Because there’s no traveler accommodation.

Step number two for hosting the summit. All right, DMT fine. And onboarding, onboarding. Right influences. Let me just get all those steps straight and then let’s see building the summit funnel

conduct. Great sessions. Step number five, to delivering this. Smooth it’s step number six,

setting up this combat delivery processes. Step number six, launch summit with number seven. Posts.

Okay. So now you can see how I’m using Jarvis for it. Isn’t it. A tool to create all this content for yourself. It’s a tool to make content creation easier and help you save time. But it is not a tool that can create the content from scratch, because this is after all you create content to build a human relationship.

So what’s the point in having AI write all the content. You would rather have AI help you improve the content you already do. So step number two, identifying onboarding the right influencers. Obviously it’s super important point for hosting virtual summits. And as an agency, if you’re setting the two summons, you can have your customers with this very, very easy as an agency, you can help your customers identify.

And build relationships with thought leaders and influencers. Now I had asked Jarvis typo. No, I had asked Jarvis to give me three ways to connect with influencers.

and that’s the point you see, you can do some research on social media to find influencers for your customers. Some differences are people who have a large following or group of followers, and they are usually in the niche you’re looking for

Have a large following or group of followers in the niche you are looking for. You’re looking to run the summit in

don’t obsess too much with the number of followers though.

Somebody with 10,000 engaged followers can be a more powerful contributor then.

The answers messages. You can also reach out personally to inferences via email. So you want to offer them an opportunity to be part of something special. Because I may have a large file and you might say that, you know, they want to share this opportunity with their followers. You’d like them to join and speak, come on.

Right. And make sure you give them time to respond before moving forward with the summit without them also, this is actually really good. I just keep it as it is. And reaching out ensure that you are offering when, when secure nation ideas. You can offer the speaker more than interest exposure,


myself as an affiliate and give them exposure.

For you you’ve been fine. How’d that create two ways to add value?

The other way is to create relationships with influencers that are already present on your website, on your blog. So this is actually really good because in this scope, we’re talking about customers who have running businesses who want to run some ads. Your customer is already in touch with these people is, could be.

Um, I saw


be used by a customer.

No, let’s also talk about the mix of influencers, having the right mix of

parents. This approach one, two or three very high profiles pink. To drive attention

you’ll want around. Let’s say 30 to 40% off your speakers consist of trust properties with a declared interest. Should be up and coming experts who are passionate about

sharing this page with things that’s obvious. Obviously this is a really long sentence, too. He might want to break this down. And what we can do now is let’s say, I don’t want to, I want Jarvis to rewrite this as paragraph. So what I do is explain the above to pay child. This is one of my favorite templates, by the way.

So much easier. You need to have the right mix of people. You want a few speakers that are well-known can get a lot of attention. You should also try it. Some speakers who are well known and can get more people to come. So this is there. Uh, there’s this Jarvis trying to rephrase this very high profile speaker sentence.

You should also try to have some experts who are well-known can more people to come, but you should also give chances for up and coming speakers too. So that just take that that’s really good, um, that are rock stars and incredibly popular.

To get a lot of attention for your event. You should also try to have some experts who are well known, can get more people, but you need to give chances for up and coming experts to these, um, and come this way. Promote the most because they had to share the stage with more famous people, more famous.

Okay. Grammarly, you see, this is how I’m using Javas real quick. I’m not writing, not using it to write most of the contents, but I use it to give me a starting point. And to then improve the content. Now let’s see,

I want to have benefits and features benefits to features for this paragraph here to really go to practice, to summarize a paragraph in the end. So give me Benefits and features for the above benefits.

If you just do benefits and features to benefits for the that’s pretty good. Identify and build relationships with thought leaders and influencers in this space. By following this process, you know, crest can identify and build relationships with thought leaders in the space. You are paying your customer too, have the right people.

The virtual summit so that the event get shared appropriately can be heavily.

Yeah, you’re giving your customer’s business and edge over its competitors by offering this service and by helping them run a Wyatt the successful event. So this is just a glance of how I’m using Jarvis. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you want to have further information about Jarvis, you can go to the link in the comment box.

And also don’t forget to hit, like, don’t forget to subscribe to the virtual summit mastery channel. I’m putting out more content like this around vitro summits, around content marketing and personal branding in general. And I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next video. Yes.

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