My Book Launch Review (How I Became A Bestselling Author)

The Virtual Summit Mastery Method, written by Jan Koch, has just concluded a successful book launch on Amazon with the book ranked #1 Best Seller in nine (!) different categories.

My book launch was a major success, thanks to the help of Paul Brodie from BCG Publishing. Paul and his team set a winning strategy for promoting the book effectively on Amazon and helping me build a strong asset to grow the Virtual Summit Mastery brand.

These are just some of the categories on the book ranked #1 in:

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or have an established business already, hosting a virtual summit leads to a bigger audience, increased influence, and more revenue.

Maybe you want to grow your email list or finally get seen as the expert in your field.

Maybe you want to get your message out into the world.

The Virtual Summit Mastery Book gives you a proven step-by-step process for doing these two things and more – hence this book launch was super important to me.

I hired Paul Brodie to ensure that the book launch went well because I have no experience in publishing books and knew about his expertise and track record.

Since Paul is also a member of the Virtual Summit Mastery community, has gone through the course, and successfully hosted multiple summits himself, connecting was easy and we got along very well.

What is the book about?

The Virtual Summit Mastery Method reveals a tried and tested process to bring together tens of thousands of attendees at their online events.

Since 2015, the VSM process is being used to host events from people across the globe.

From authors to coaches, from bloggers to developers, from entrepreneurs to side-hustlers… You too can organize your virtual summit online if you can ditch the guesswork and follow a proven path.

This book takes you for a walk and explains the steps you need to take to make your virtual summit a raving success.

You may be asking yourself:

  • How can I host a virtual summit if I have no audience?
  • Why would anybody attend my event?
  • Why would any expert speak at my summit for free?
  • How can this possibly work if I have no technical skills?
  • And will a summit work in my particular industry?

In this book, I’m taking you by the hand and turning you into a virtual summit host.

I and hundreds of VSM members have used the process you’re about to learn and built up entire businesses from scratch.

Should you prefer visual learning, sign up here and get the free Summit Masterclass.

My personal book launch review

I’ve been super happy with Paul’s work and couldn’t have achieved being a 9x best seller on Amazon myself.

My only work was to write the actual book and provide feedback on the cover designs. He and his team handled everything else – completely hands-off for me.

Thanks to Paul’s book launch strategy, I got testimonials like this:

“Jan Koch packs a tremendous amount of value into each section of Virtual Summit Mastery Method, outlining the game plan for hosting your first virtual summit and providing tips that even experienced organizers will find eye opening. No matter how prepared you think you are to host your first or next summit, I highly recommend taking a few hours to work through the entire book, because you’re likely to find ideas you hadn’t considered to make your summit more authoritative and profitable, grow your email list and professional opportunities, and elevate your profile in your industry.”

Ross Brand

The book, marketed by BCG Publishing, is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

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