The Best Way To Building An Audience Before Launch

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to building an audience before launch. Today I’ll walk you through the best way of getting as many eyes as possible on your launch. Stick with me to the very end to also hear about pitfalls I’ve personally experienced that you will want to avoid.

You don’t want to spend all your time on launching a new offer and not see any results. The most devastating experience would be that you pour your heart and soul into a product and then not have anyone ready to buy from you when you’re ready to launch it.

So let’s dive into the process of building a thriving audience before you launch and setting yourself up for success!

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Hi! I’m Jan Koch, I teach impact-driven coaches & consultants how to grow their audience by leveraging virtual summits without wasting money on paid ads or expensive funnel builds so they can develop the predictable revenue stream they always dream of having. I do this via my Virtual Summit Mastery course.

Today I want to talk about how you can build an audience before you launch and why this is a crucial step of your next launch. In fact, building that audience should proceed with any work you put into your new offer – and here’s why.

You cannot skip building an audience before launch

Without having an engaged audience eagerly waiting for your offer, you have no idea whether your target market actually WANTS what you are creating. Spending your valuable time and money on your new course or product is a risk and comes with high opportunity costs.

That is why you should get the offer validated through paying customers and an engaged audience before you even create it. Before creating a course or working on a new coaching offer, try getting people to pay a little deposit and therefore demonstrate their interest in your new offer.

If you’re launching something new, it’s not enough to just create it. You need people waiting with open wallets and minds for when the product is finally available. The best way to do this is by building an audience before launch. This will help validate your idea and ensure that what you are creating is actually viable in the marketplace.

Five Ways To Get Your Audience Excited Before You Launch

Here are five ways to build an audience before launching a new offer:

1) Join relevant groups in your niche on social media so that you can get an idea of their pain points. You need to be very good at communicating in their own words and making them feel understood. This feeling of understanding is catering to one of the most fundamental human needs.

2) Start following people on those networks and engage with their content. Leave comments regularly and show them not just that you know what you’re talking about but that you actually CARE about the members of the group. These conversations don’t scale into tens or hundreds of conversations per day if you don’t have a team – but don’t sweat that for now. Instead, embrace getting to know people in your target market better and learn as much as you can from the conversations.

3) Build an email list of people who want what you are working on. You can do that by having two-step content on social, building landing pages for lead magnets, or launching a virtual summit. Especially with a summit and involving thought leaders who already have an audience, you can add thousands of engaged leads to your email list over a rather short amount of time. Any time you can get an expert to introduce you to their audience, you’re receiving an immediate boost in authority and trust.

4) Create content related to your upcoming offer. Take your followers behind the scenes of what you’re working on, show them the details they’d usually never see, and get them excited and involved during the process. You can share these pieces of content in your social profiles, expand on them in blog posts or emails, and repurpose them for all the platforms relevant to your target market.

5) Offer discounts or freebies as incentives for early-bird deposits that validate your offer. Remember that the only validation that counts is when people put money where their mouth is. Having 100 people signed up for your prelaunch list saying they want to buy your offer and having 100 people who actually deposit money to get their hands on your offer.

Pitfalls To Avoid When Building An Audience Before Launch

It’s easy to waste a lot of time on the wrong activities when preparing your next launch or building your audience.

Always be mindful of measurable metrics in everything that you do.

Engaging in groups on social is crucial to step into audiences that already exist and get feedback from your ideal customer avatar – but it can also suck you into hours of numb browsing.

Invest time in building genuine relationships with thought leaders. If you’re not involving thought leaders in your launch, e.g. through a virtual summit, you’re leaving big money on the table. I’ve tried building audiences alone and the launches always were a LOT smaller compared to when I involved established influencers in the process and made specific offers for their audiences.

Never rush through a launch.

Give yourself the time you need to properly execute the launch. Building relationships with your target audience, influencers, and with prospects takes time. Coming from a place of neediness almost always will limit your upside.


Launching your product or course without an audience is a surefire way to not see the results you want. Today, I’ve outlined five ways to build an audience before launching your new offer. These tips will help you connect with potential customers and get them excited about what you have to offer.

To ensure success, be mindful of the pitfalls to avoid when building your pre-launch audience and execute step by step, focusing on what’s in it for your target audience. Follow these tips and you’re sure to see better results when it comes time to launch!

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