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To Earn $10,000 From A Single Virtual Summit In Just 12-16 Weeks

After starting my online business in 2013 as a freelancer, I soon hit a plateau. I’d spend 10+ hours every week on writing blog articles, posting on social media, and following other common advice from self-proclaimed Internet marketing experts.

No matter whether I worked 40 hours a week or 70 hours, nothing I tried helped me overcome that glass ceiling limiting my income. Conversations with friends and family around the business were becoming quite frustrating and I felt like I had given it my all.

It wasn’t until I hosted my first virtual summit that I suddenly became a “thought leader” and had clients come to me in my freelancing business. 

Not long after running my first virtual summit in 2015, I stopped freelancing and instead built up Virtual Summit Mastery – to help coaches, consultants, experts, speakers, and courageous entrepreneurs like yourself reach more people with your message, build an engaged email list, and sell more products or services.

The graphs show the results my students achieve using my proven virtual summit strategy just from last year alone. My method might be what your business needs if you sell a premium coaching program, digital course, or need to impact more people.

In 2021, I’ve helped over 700+ course members use this type of marketing to generate well over 124k subscribers and earn more than $560k USD from their virtual summits directly. 

The cool thing is that most course members start from scratch with their efforts. They do NOT have massive audiences and still add around 2,500 – 5,000 new engaged subscribers and $10k – $20k in revenue to their business within 90 days.

On average, Virtual Summit Mastery course members see a five-figure payout from their efforts within the first twelve months of following this process.

Would you love to tell your family & friends that your business is finally taking off?

Here is how VSM course members and I use virtual summits to exponentially scale our audiences, add 10,000’s of engaged email subscribers to our lists, and build multiple profitable income streams.

From: Jan Koch
Emden, GER

Inside my course, Virtual Summit Mastery, you’ll discover the exact marketing method that helped hundreds of my students build six-figure and seven-figure businesses while building a ton of goodwill in their communities and exponentially growing their audience and impact.

Learn just a few of the principles, strategies, and secrets I am about to share and try them for yourself …

… or follow along as I reveal the exact method we use to run wildly profitable and engaging virtual events with our students every day and predictably generate thousands, if not tens of thousands, of targeted new leads per event, most of which then turn into paying customers.

You can use this method in almost any industry or niche.

The Virtual Summit Mastery course produces excellent results repeatedly, even in the most crowded and competitive spaces. 

It has turned unknown entrepreneurs, marketers, and coaches, into highly-popular influencers more consistently than anything I’ve seen or tried myself over the past decade.

And it’s based on the lesson’s I’ve learned after spending six years in the virtual summit industry. Students like Neil Patel, Caitlin Pyle, Eric Yang, Chandler Bolt, Jesse Krieger, or Diana Rowan and many others used Virtual Summit Mastery to grow their audiences, their businesses, and their legacies.

My team has tested and proven the method and strategies you’re about to learn with 700+ of our course students (and counting).

I’ve never revealed many of the methods I or my team have used anywhere else. You’ll only find them in detail in this course.

What Influencers Have To Say About VSM

VSM is probably the #1 program in the world when it comes to hosting virtual summits.
Ryan Levesque
CEO of The ASK Method® Company
I rarely endorse anyone or any product, but every who asks me if Virtaul Summit Mastery is worth it, say ABSOLUTELY. It's fantastic quality, great instruction, VSM truly cares about his student's success. The course gets my full endorsement. If anyone don't have the Virtual Summit Mastery program yet, they should get in there now. It's refreshing to see someone who's teaching really good stuff.
Ryan Lee
Online Marketing Veteran & Founder of Rewind


Virtual Summit Mastery™ 3.0 is a proven and tested seven-module implementation program that gives you the COMPLETE BLUEPRINT for hosting a wildly successful virtual summit that lets you impact thousands of people, grow your email list with engaged subscribers, and increase your revenue in 90 days or less.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided in this step-by-step training program.

The methods taught inside Virtual Summit Mastery have been successfully used by 100’s of students around the world and across all types of industries. From health to music, from parenting to digital marketing, from coaching to gardening, VSM is the secret sauce behind engaging virtual summits in 100+ different niches and markets.

Specifically, Virtual Summit Mastery is broken down into 7 modules that provide easy-to-follow video lessons, accompanied by checklists and workbooks to ensure that you can efficiently execute your virtual summit.



The course starts by setting the foundation for your virtual summit and connecting it to your overall vision and business goals.

You’ll learn my proven process for finding and validating your profitable summit theme, my “Magnetic Hook” formula, and get your 90-day action plan to execute your virtual summit.



This module will guide you to onboard exciting speakers to your virtual summit who are happy to share their expertise with your summit attendees, without receiving a paycheck from you.

You’ll be able to get well-recognized experts to speak at your summit, even if you have no audience and no connections in your industry.



Build your high-converting virtual summit funnel with ease, using our professionally designed templates for WordPress, Clickfunnels, or Kartra – without touching a single line of code or having to hire a developer or designer. 

We’ve got everything built out for you, you just need to put it together in the way you want it.



Discover my 7-step process for researching about your speakers and crafting interview questions to draw out their best expertise and tips. 

Learn what gear you need to record professional interviews without breaking your bank account or setting up a video recording studio.

You’re equipped with everything you need to know about recording the summit sessions – even if you’ve never done an interview before.



When the launch day for your virtual summit has come, you’re sending out the contents using automated processes, and this module teaches you how to do it without having to be a rocket scientist.

This module shows you how to ensure that your summit attendees have an exceptional experience during your summit.



Launch your summit with a BANG and finally get your virtual summit out there into the world to reach more people with your message and offers.

For the first time, I’ll reveal the complete VSM Launch Playbook my students and I have used to generate millions of email subscribers and 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue from our virtual summits. It’s proven to work when you follow it step by step.



After you’ve successfully launched your virtual summit, you can leverage it to further grow your audience and to generate consistent revenue. 

This module covers strategies like “Evergreen Summit”, the “Summit Multiplier Strategy” and many others. Be it launching a book, a membership site, or leveraging affiliate marketing or JV launches, the lessons in this module show you the “How”.

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What VSM Members Have To Say

If there is ONE thing that has changed my life more than anything else online… it’s virtual summits. I’ve never seen or heard of a program that is as value packed full of awesome content that literally hand holds you through the whole process to virtually ensure your success. I’ve generated over 30,000 email subscribers and well over 6 figures in revenue using his Virtual Summit Mastery Method. I can’t recommend VSM enough!

Mitch Asser
VSM Graduate & Host of the Fasting Summit

Running virtual summits was a life-changing decision for me. As a direct result from hosting 3 virtual summits I connected with many influencers in the industry, built an email list of 4,500 subscribers and got over $58K in revenue. Joining the Virtual Summit Mastery course changed the way I now live with my family and we were able to move to Mexico. Such a journey would have seemed almost impossible 2 years ago.

Augustas Kligys
VSM Graduate & Summit Host for Amazon Sellers

We grew an email list of over 60,000 new subscribers in about a weeks time and we generated $502,000 in revenue through our first virtual summit. If you want step-by-step instruction and you just want to get it done with as little stress as possible, then I would absolutely recommend the Virtual Summit Mastery program.

Caitlin Pyle
VSM Graduate & Host of Work At Home Summit

Virtual Summit Mastery helped me earn $370k+ and 30,000 email subscribers in less than 2 months… it completely transformed our business to a multi million dollar online education company (the summit we did in 2016 was even bigger with almost 40,000 opt-ins!). It all started with the proven VSM system.. I couldn’t recommend his program enough!

Chandler Bolt
VSM Graduate & Host of The Self-Publishing Success Summit

Jen Taylor

Virtual Summit Mastery was life-changing. I was able to get 4,500 email subscribers and over $100K in revenue just from selling the all-access-pass (and this was only my first summit!). Forever grateful… thanks VSM!

Jen Taylor
VSM Graduate & Host of Play Therapy Summit

The Virtual Summit Mastery course gave me all the details I needed to run a very successful first-time virtual summit. My Women’s Strength Summit fielded nearly 20,000 free registrations and 100’s of sales. More importantly, people commented on how valuable and professional the Summit was, and that’s directly because of everything I learned during VSM. 

Steph Gaudreau
VSM Graduate & Host of the Women’s Strength Summit

Learn my virtual summit process in the course and leverage pre-built resources to save time in running your first virtual summit - using the Summit Wizard™!

Get Lifetime Access When Enrolling Today!

The Summit Wizard™

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get your entire virtual summit done-for-you… without paying well over $10,000 that it would cost if you hire someone to do everything for you?

The good news is that you can as part of VSM 3.0…

And I would never recommend that you go out to hire an overpriced summit production company or consultant either, especially when you can get everything for a fraction of the cost inside VSM…

That’s why I created the Summit Wizard™. It includes all the premium done-for-you resources and templates you need to host a wildly successful virtual summit. And it comes with Virtual Summit Mastery 3.0.

I’ve paid my designers and copywriters to create these resources for you, so that you can save the investment and run your virtual summit professionally and efficiently.

Everything inside Summit Wizard™ is designed to take work off your shoulders. It’s a resource that truly sets Virtual Summit Mastery apart from other courses. 

Additionally, the templates do not lock you in on specific tech platforms. They support WordPress, Clickfunnels, Kartra, Active Campaign and Convertkit – you chose the tools you like best!

Here’s what some of our VSM students have to say about the Summit Wizard™

Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

The Virtual Summit Mastery Method works for just about any online based business if you want to grow your email list, influence and revenue FAST so that you can make a bigger impact in the world… and I assume you do since you’re on this page right now!?

Our VSM students typically fall into one of these groups:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Info Product Creators / Internet Marketers
  • Coaches / Consultants
  • Bloggers / Affiliates
  • Podcasters
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Experts / Thought Leaders / Seminar Leaders
  • Service Professionals (e.g. Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents)
  • B2B Companies
  • Network Marketers
  • Software Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Just Getting Started Online
    Virtual summits work incredibly well at any stage of your business, in any market (see next question).

The Virtual Summit Mastery experience is designed to help you exponentially grow your audience, influence and revenue online so that you can take your business and life to the next level (even if you have no existing list, no product and no connections with influencers right now).

GREAT question! Virtual summits using the proven Virtual Summit Mastery Method work in literally any market/niche.

We’re proud to have graduates across 100’s of industries in many different countries around the world. We’ve seen virtual summits in every niche imaginable and I’ve yet to find a market it hasn’t worked well in. It works in B2C, B2B, “Pain” markets, “Enthusiast” markets, and many more.

Here are a few examples of markets our students have hosted wildly successful virtual summits in so you get an idea (note: this list is far from being exhaustive as it would be very long):

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Insurance
  • Dog Training
  • Calligraphy
  • RV Travel
  • Nutrition
  • Adoption/Parenting
  • Yoga
  • Pharmacy
  • Essential Oils
  • Weight Loss / Fitness
  • Vertical Farming
  • Self Publishing
  • Sex
  • Photography
  • Parenting
  • Men’s Confidence
  • Dating
  • Dance Instruction
  • Copywriting
  • Business Consulting
  • And many, many more!

I would say this though… as long as there’s an online audience for your niche, a virtual summit can work very well, which means it can work for pretty much everything as long as you plan to build something online.

So regardless of whether you’re in the early stages of building your business or you’re looking to grow and scale your further, Virtual Summit Mastery will help you exponentially grow your audience, influence, revenue and impact faster than you ever could imagine.

Included in the Virtual Summit Mastery course, you get our brand new product called Summit Wizard™, which consists of all the done-for-you resources and templates you need to host a wildly successful online summit.

For example as part of Summit Wizard™ you’ll get the professionally designed done-for-you Virtual Summit Funnel & Website Template which includes all the summit pages you need to host your summit (it’s proven to convert very well in 100’s of different markets). It currently works for WordPress with popular page builders like Thrive Architect, Elementor, and Divi, as well as ClickFunnels and Kartra.

Inside of Summit Wizard™ we also include done-for-you email automation templates for ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign (or you can simply model them for any other email service provider as well), which will save you a ton of time.

In the VSM Tech Library you get “over-the-shoulder” video tutorials (and in some cases step-by-step processes) for everything in the program so you don’t get stuck.

And if you have any questions about any of the technical implementation, you can just ask in the private VSM Mastermind Community and you’ll get tons of helpful advice.

We’ve had several non-techy students purchase and go through VSM and successfully host their virtual summit.

As long as you’re willing to learn and have an open mind, you’ll be more than fine without any experience with tech.

You don’t need to have a “virtual summit theme” or even an idea when you first join Virtual Summit Mastery.

We’ll show you exactly how to come up with your profitable virtual summit theme in the program step-by-step, and we have several exercises and action steps to do so in module 1.

I’ve helped many students who had no clue about what summit to create, to niche down (very important), and come up with profitable virtual summit theme this way.

Absolutely. Unlike many other marketing strategies and tactics, you do NOT need a large email list — or any email list at all — to host a wildly successful and profitable virtual summit.

Before I hosted the WP Summit in 2015, I only had a few hundred people on my email list. After the summit, I had THOUSANDS of very targeted and highly engaged email subscribers.

Many VSM students have done the same as well, some had no email list at all before they joined the program.

A virtual summit will help you build and grow your email list faster than anything else you’ve ever tried before, whether you have zero or 10,000’s of email subscribers on your list right now.

You’re actually in a great place to start implementing Virtual Summit Mastery since the summit itself will become your first product. Your All-Access Pass is a product in itself, and can bring in tens of thousands of dollars in sales before, during and after your summit.

You can also offer coaching sessions, a group implementation program, course or a membership site to continue to dive into and implement the information presented in the summit, or offer an affiliate product on the backend of your summit.

You can still profit big even if you don’t have a product… yet!

I was a complete newbie when I hosted my very first virtual summit a few years ago. After everything else I tried failed, hosting a virtual summit was what really worked for me and took my business to the next level. That’s how Virtual Summit Mastery was born and the rest is history.

We’ve had students starting absolutely from scratch with zero business experience join Virtual Summit Mastery, and they’ve found great success with the program.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, have a 4-5 figure business, or a 6-7 figure online empire, you can’t really go wrong with VSM.

I also provide you lifetime access and updates to VSM plus a super supportive private mastermind community if you ever get stuck and need more help.

Nobody knew who I was before I hosted my first virtual summit. The fact is, hosting a virtual summit gives you instant credibility and you’ll gain instant trust in by potential customers and influencers in your market.

You don’t have to be the expert or have any experience to create a successful virtual summit. You just need to have a strong interest in the topic and bring the influencers in your field together on an epic virtual summit, and then you build your brand by association.

And what is really an expert anyway?

It’s someone who knows a little bit more about a topic than someone else. And you will definitely have quite a lot of knowledge after you’ve hosted your summit, and then you have something to offer to people in your audience because you are a few steps ahead of them. If you think like this, you’ll crush impostor syndrome forever. You got this.

Hosting a summit can cement you as an influencer and raise your profile not only in the minds of your potential customers, but in the minds of your fellow influencers as well. After all, you’re the person who’s putting the event together, and that sets you apart and makes others associate you with other experts.

This is a common concern for those who are just starting out. But online summits are the perfect way to establish those connections and authentic relationships with influencers! In Virtual Summit Mastery we address this worry on two levels:

First, we coach you on how to reach out to start making those relationships, starting NOW, before you need them.

Next, we help you make your summit a “win-win” for your potential partners and speakers so they’ll be excited about participating and even promoting you to their much larger audience (which helps you grow your email list rapidly)… even if you’re an “unknown.”

And you don’t have to pay them to say yes… I never do that, and none of my VSM students did either.

It has never happened so far that a student who enrolled in VSM couldn’t get great speakers on board for their summit, and I don’t think you will have any problem if you follow the proven system we have laid out for you in the course.

If you want to know whether hosting a virtual summit using Virtual Summit Mastery will take time and effort, the honest answer is, yes, it will take some work. We lay out a 90-day plan for you in the course.

But that’s actually a GOOD thing.

Some people pursuing an online business skip from one thing to the next, without building a solid foundation in anything. What they end up with is a wobbly house built with straw that doesn’t stand a chance against the test of time.

This is what sets the people who follow Virtual Summit Mastery far apart from the rest.

They aren’t afraid of putting the work in now to build an extremely strong foundation so that they can experience continued growth now and into the future.

Choosing to focus on hosting a virtual summit sets your business up to exponentially grow your audience (aka your email list), influence, revenue and impact faster than you ever could imagine… it will position you as the go-to authority in your niche quickly and for the long-term.

Will it take more work?


But is building your business on a strong foundation to protect your asset and set you apart from all competition worth it?

Yes, it is!

And Virtual Summit Mastery gives you the framework to turn hosting a sophisticated virtual summit into a reality.

Even though it’s a bigger project than publishing a few 500 word blog posts or posting on social media, VSM makes it possible for you to take action by breaking everything down, step-by-step, into exactly what you need to do… and we provide all the DONE-FOR-YOU resources you need as well (our new Summit Wizard product makes this possible easier than ever before, included in both VSM Pro and Platinum level).

This allows you to build it with the confidence that it will stand the test of time, and set your business up for success for years to come.

So if you’re looking for overnight results without putting in the work, this is not for you.

If you’re looking to host a profitable virtual summit that revolutionizes the way the you do business, carve out a space for yourself as an authority in your niche and have a real impact on thousands of people, then Virtual Summit Mastery is the answer.

With most online programs there are a ton of hidden costs and they try to upsell you into 30 different things the moment you buy. This is NOT the case with Virtual Summit Mastery.

When you join the VSM 3.0 Implementation Program (Pro or Platinum Level), there are no “upsells” and the next page you’re taken to after you place order is the confirmation page where you can watch a quick welcome video from me. Then you’ll get the welcome email with your login details so you can get started right away.

I put everything I’ve got into Virtual Summit Mastery 3.0 and I didn’t leave anything out… I want you to be successful after all and become my next success story I can brag to everyone about.

This program is not “half the answer” it’s not even “almost everything”. This program is EVERYTHING you need to exponentially grow your email list, influence, revenue and impact (even if you’re starting from scratch).

If you decide to join Virtual Summit Mastery, you’ll be able to host a wildly successful and profitable virtual summit.

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