Focusing On Revenue Is Killing Your Business

Focusing purely on revenue is killing your business.

I hate to break it down to you, but it is true. And I’ve done that mistake myself.

When I started my online business back in the day, like 2012, 2013, all I was focusing on is how much am I bringing home every single month?

Money coming in was the only metric I cared about.

And the reason why that was a bad idea is that revenue is a lagging indicator.

You see, there are lagging indicators and there are leading indicators.

And in this video, I want to break down for you what you need to do to focus on leading indicators so that the revenue is just a byproduct.

Money follows automatically.

But before we dive into this, my name is Jan Koch. I’m the CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery, and I’m teaching around a thousand people inside VSM how to host profitable summits to build their businesses and brands online.

So here’s the thing. If you don’t focus on leading indicators and just care about the revenue and that’s the only metric you have in your business.

You are setting yourself up for a rollercoaster ride in your business. And this is not the fun type of roller coaster.

This is the type of roller coaster where you are up in the sky sometimes. And then you are down at the bottom. You have sleepless nights, you find yourself worrying about the next bills when they are coming in.

You are finding yourself anxious at times. And I’ve been there myself. I’ve had a mental breakdown, even myself, because of that. I assure you, it’s not a fun place.

It’s not where you want to be. You want to be on that type of roller coaster in an amusement park like Disney World. Maybe you don’t want to have that rollercoaster in your business.

So instead when you focus on those leading indicators, what you should be doing is. Think about income, generating activities, and track those. And we’ll dive deeper into that in a minute, but what that lets you do is you get predictable revenue. You can just check off every single month, what revenue you are estimating to make, and I’ll show you how you can measure that in a minute.

You can finally provide for your friends or for your family. I have now a young daughter I’m married. And I love being the provider for the family and giving them financial stability and allowing my wife to stay home and only work three days a week a month because she wants to, and I love being able to spend the time with them when I want to.

That is the beautiful thing. And the way you do this, the way you. Switch, how you measure success in your business is by focusing not so much on the revenue. It is important. Of course don’t get me wrong. But the thing that you have to shift in your mind is you have to focus on the income, generating activities and track those thing about what it is that builds your business.

How are you building an audience? For example, how are you taking somebody who’s just seeing your Facebook posts. How are you engaging with them and turning them into a potential customer, into a lead? How do you make sure that your pipeline of opportunities stays filled up? Those are the things that you want to measure and that you want to track every single day.

I don’t track the revenue. The revenue follows. If you always have a full pipeline, if you always have an audience that is growing, your email list is growing. Your followers on social are growing. The conversations you are starting every single day are growing. That is when revenue becomes a logical consequence.

You want to get to that level? That revenue becomes a logical consequence of what you’re doing in your business so that you can focus on. First of all, providing excellent service to the people you’re working with. Be it coaching freelancing, affiliate offers. I don’t care. This works for all sorts of businesses.

And this is what I have people inside virtual summit mastery understand. The minute they jump into the program is you have. Execute. You have to focus on income, generating activities, track revenue, plan for revenue plan, different ways to build income streams, all good, but don’t make revenue, the single most important metric in your business.

It keeps the lights on, of course, but you have to have these leading indicators to earn the revenue in the first place. And if you want to have a free training on how you can exponentially grow your revenue and audience and impact by hosting a virtual summit, send me a DM or leave a comment below this video.

I get that over to you asap. Thanks for watching.

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