How To Build A WordPress Website For Your Summit From Scratch

how to build a wordpress website

With Virtual Summit Mastery, I build most of the websites and WordPress. Most of the Virtual Summit mastery students use WordPress.

This video walks you through how to build a WordPress website from scratch.

Even if you’re not hosting a virtual summit, WordPress is a great platform to build a website.

However, it can be overwhelming for non-technical people. I will show you two hosting alternatives that I recommend repeatedly.

You’ll learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch using a page builder, and installing a predesigned template so that you don’t have to know how to code.

For the hosts, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Elementor Cloud and Cloudways with you during the video (or in the transcript below).

Let’s dive right in!

You don’t have to be a professional designer or developer.

And yet, by the end of this video, you will understand what it takes to build a WordPress website if you’re starting from zero with no experience and on a shoestring budget.

First of all, let me talk about some of the positives and some of the negatives or challenges you might face in the WordPress ecosystem.

I’ll start with the challenges.

Challenge 1: WordPress vs. Other Platforms

People will say WordPress is outdated or WordPress is too complicated and that you need to know how to code.

They’ll recommend using Squarespace, Wix, or Webflow.

All of those tools essentially do the same thing. The problem that I have with platforms like wakes with platforms like Squarespace and no one said. They do an excellent job for what they do.

Personally, I find them limiting in what you can do with them.

WordPress gives you complete control over what you can do on your website.

But when you are with Squarespace or on Wix, they have their set of guidelines and standards of what you can do and what you cannot do.

And is the same, by the way. Don’t go with if you want complete control over your platform.

Go with a self-hosted version that I explained to you later in this video.

If you don’t want to be limited in what you can do, what the layouts can look like, what the functionality can be, or if you want to have the flexibility and know that you can add custom code in the future.

That is when WordPress is the way to go, in my opinion. And that is the exact reason I recommend WP in my virtual summit book.

Challenge 2: Choosing The Right WordPress Host

Another challenge, especially for WordPress hosting, is that there’s so much noise in his space.

There’s so much confusion because there are gazillions of companies trying to get your attention.

And to be honest, I am part of this problem because I work with Cloudways.

Cloudways is one of the hosting companies that I recommend in this video.

I work with other WordPress plugin developers to create educational content and build the brands of those platforms.

Why do I do that? Because I believe in their values because I want to attach my name to that brand because the values align, the mission aligns. The quality of service is up to par, too.

But there are hundreds of WordPress who scream for your attention, and they most often compete on price. And that is a dangerous metric.

Obviously, you don’t want to spend 500 bucks per month on a hobby website.

But going for a prize of $10 per year also might not be the smartest choice because you get what you pay for in that regard; you get crappy support.

Most of the time you get slow performance, the website is very slow to load. For example, you might be on shared hosting, meaning that hundreds of websites are on the same server.
And if one website gets compromised, it takes down the server, all the other websites go down with it.

Those are just things that as a non-techie, you cannot know but are important to be aware of when speaking about how to build a WordPress website.

And that’s why I hope this video would be helpful because the two hosting companies, I recommend in this video are Elementor Cloud Hosting and Cloudways.

Please just trust me that those are two good hosting companies to work with and that they know what they are doing. I would stay away from everything that is operated by the EIG group. Just again, personal experience. I’m not recommending them because I’ve had bad experiences with them and my clients do too.

But don’t dive into this rabbit hole of WordPress hosting. If you don’t have a technical background and a good reason to do you just lose yourself, to be honest.

Challenge 3: Make a WordPress Site Work Well And Deliver Business Results

You probably need technical understanding, you’ll need to hire a developer. You need to hire a designer to get to a 95% perfect website.

This video will equip you with everything that you need to know to build a basic WordPress website from scratch. This is not a video about how you build the next best agency website with all the bells and whistles. It’s not. How do you build the next food blog or travel blog that can grow to 500,000 visitors a month?

Those are topics entire YouTube channels are dedicated to what I want to cover in this video is I get you up to speed so that you have a website and then you can take it from there. That’s my goal for this video.

And I want to get you started on this journey in the web hosting ecosystem or in the WordPress ecosystem, rather because of what I think. With all due respect, social media platforms are super important.

You need to have your social media profiles. You need to have an email list. You need to be active on the platforms where your audience hangs out.
Be it social media or forums or Reddit or Quora.

The website and the email list are the two only places where you are in full control over your data. Social media platforms can shut down your account for whatever reason, the platform can just have a faulty algorithm, and boom, your account is gone.

I had one situation where I had I wanted to share a Google drive link in an internal group from resources that Virtual Summit Mastery members paid for.

And Facebook just wouldn’t let me share the link. No matter what I tried, Facebook kept removing my comments below the post in the Facebook group automatically to the point that it put me in Facebook jail for two days.

I couldn’t post in my own Facebook group. So you don’t want to expose yourself to that risk. You want to have this one place where you can drive people to where you control what they see, how they see it, and what actions they can take. And now the last challenge before I dive into the actual meat of the video.

And before I show you on the screen share how I will go about building a WordPress website from scratch, let’s talk about the fourth and final challenge.

Challenge 4: So Much Noise In The WordPress Hosting Space.

The last challenge is the same noise you have with the web hosting space, which you will also face when it comes to choosing the right theme, choosing the right plugins, and knowing what type of stuff. Into your WordPress website to make it actually work.

And what I want to try in this video, and again, take this with a grain of salt, especially if you have a WordPress development background, or if you have a WordPress background, this video, is not for you.

I bore you to death and annoy you with the simplifications that I’m going to be making.

But if you do not have a WordPress background, the recommendations that I make will be good enough to get you started.

Diving Into WordPress Hosting With Elementor And Cloudways

As I said, I’ll show you my preferred page builder in this video and I’ll show you my two preferred web hosting companies as well.

I will walk you through one of them, but I show you the websites of both so that you can recognize them easily. And you’ll find the links to Elementor Cloud Hosting and Cloudways below this video. And I get you up to speed with the basics, and then you have this foundation that you can iterate on and you can improve and improve and improve and stack features.

That is my goal for this video to go beyond the noise in the WordPress ecosystem and to guide you through the lowest hanging fruit. Of getting the website up and started seeing the first results and then following the lean startup model where you iterate. So you try something, you measure it, maybe you fail and then you iterate and try again.

And that’s how you improve. That’s why momentum is more important than perfection because if you just get it out there if you ship the website and if you get feedback, that is how, if you’re on the right track or not.

And I want to help you. Into that position. So let’s dive into the screencast and let’s see how you can build a website on Cloudways web hosting.

Okay. So let’s dive into this. What you’re looking at right now is Elementor Cloud, and you can find the link again below the video in the infobox.

This is one of the easiest ways to build a WordPress website from scratch. And we will actually use a mentor builder in the cloud-based platform on the cloud hosting as well in a minute.

This comes with everything you need comes with hosting based on the Google cloud platform, which is extremely powerful, and comes with a content delivery network that helps with the website load quickly and also mitigates some forms of attacks against the websites. CloudFlare is known to do this in the free plans.

You get accustomed to the main tool. And it is built for non-technical users so that you can manage it very easily.

It’s not something to be looked down on from my experience, you can have all the plugins that you would like. Whereas on, you will not have that.

So that is all for $99 a year. It’s very cost-effective. Get a free SSL certificate, get Elementor Pro included WordPress pre-installed, that’s probably as easy as it gets. Is it the best solution for some? It will be.

I personally, as I said, work with Cloudways, so I am going to use my Cloudways account for this just because I’m more familiar with it.

I’m not as familiar with the cloud, with the Elementor Cloud hosting for that sake. But all you have to do is you have to get a cloud website here, put down the $99 and you get 30-day refunds and get started with it.

And that their support is really good as is the Cloudways support. So what we are looking at right now is my Cloudways panel, and you can see it’s immediately more technical.

So if you feel comfortable with having your own virtual, and knowing that your website is the only one on the server, clarifying is a great way. It’s a great solution. If you’re not comfortable with that Elementor Cloud hosting probably is the better choice.

While Cloudways also is very easy. It has a bit more of a learning curve to it.

How To Build A WordPress Website On Cloudways

So that’s at a new application, in this case, a WordPress install. So we go to the plus, at application. So those are all steps that with elemental you wouldn’t have, but for this sake, I just added to my developments of our right here. We’ll add the application. It’s like WordPress demo WP from scratch.

Sign into some random project because I killed the application anyways. And this is how you install WordPress on cloud ways. Wasn’t hard. All I had to do is select the server that I wanted to be on. Give it a name and click add application and that’s it. Application is being installed and it takes literally two minutes.

And then the WordPress installed is ready. Now it has been installed at seven look into this. So what we can see is there is an application-based URL. And when I click on this, that is what my new website looks like and why I like the drawing of the bird, obviously that is not something we can use. So let us first install the page builder.

We set up a template from the Elementor kit so that we save ourselves some time we save ourselves money because we don’t have to hire a designer. And then when we are done with importing the template and I’ve walked you through how elemental worked, then I show you how to connect it to main so that we actually do not have.

There’s WordPress dash 4 1 8 8 4 3 dash two zero and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, domain. But that we have our own domain to the so cloud ways is really great in that they set up everything for us. So we don’t have to configure the database. We don’t have to configure the admin login. It’s all in here. So let’s just click on the URL for the admin panel.

Fills out my email address already. And then I’ve pasted my password. Nope, no, I don’t want to at this two Lastpass, either hide this and now there’s my WordPress and we have two updates pending. So let’s click on those first. There is mark hair-free. This is a bonus from Cloudways. It gives us a care security plugin for free, which is fantastic.

They’ve also launched a new collaboration with CloudFlare enterprise that we can get for very cheap buck every month. I think $5 per domain or something. Usually, it’s six grand from what I’ve seen online.

Now, we’re talking about building a WordPress website from scratch and Cloudflare certainly is not necessarily a part of that. But this is a really good deal as well, but let’s not lose ourselves in details. Let’s go to the settings and give this website a name.
So this is Jan’s demo website, not just another WP page. We leave that URL for now. You can set the date format at the time format here in those settings as well. You can set the site language, the time zone. So I keep everything as it is one thing that is important for this purpose right now is I just courage search engines from indexing the websites.

So reading settings, and then I take this box because I don’t want this website to be picked up by Google or being or something like that. Obviously. If you are working on a website that is supposed to be, then don’t take this box and also dive into some search engine optimization videos so that you know how to drive traffic to the website organically.
Now let’s install a page, but let’s first install the theme.

Actually, a theme is like the framework of the design. If you want to think about it that way. And we could see that there is the 20, 22 theme and start an active right now. And there’s an update for it. There is a 2020 theme and 2021.

Those are the default themes that WordPress comes with. What we are going to do is we’ll install. Hello Elementor.

And then everybody in the WordPress space who hates on that will now flag me for this, but just as an aside, Discussions about page builders and themes and stuff like that can get very heated in element and WordPress. So we’ll activate the Elementor theme and you take this with a grain of salt.

Again, this is not the ultimate tutorial for WordPress is just meant to get you started to get you off the ground. So we’ll have the other three themes that we can remove right now. So we click on theme details and then click on delete and the bottom. Because you don’t want to have blowed in the website.

You don’t want to have plugins or themes laying around doing nothing. And now the hello theme is here and it prompts us to install. Elementor we’re just a page builder that we are going to use. So let’s do this elemental recently crossed 10 million active installs, by the way, so big congrats to the team at Elementor, we activate the plugin.

And now we have a mentor set up. This is amazing. So you can create a free account. And actually I’m going to connect my account. I have a paid membership right now and it pulls out the login automatically. So we’ll connect this. This is still young stem. A website is a website name, have a logo. You can edit here, or you can skip this one at one layer.
We just skip this for now.

And now this is where it gets interesting. This is where we can start with a blank canvas and we build everything ourselves. Or we browse from 100 plus templates and we do this one. We do the templates because we want to save time and we are not designers.

Remember that we are just getting started with WordPress so we can now browse through the template kits that Elementor brings.

For the website use us and we can just go through them and decide what we’d like to use, or we can search for, let’s say we want to have a blog. We find 11 blog layouts that we can use. Oh, we could have a personal website, and let’s see what that brings up. So we have now the personal trainer website for a clinical psychologists for business growth.

That was a blog. It doesn’t really matter for this tutorial. So this is a pro template right here. You can see this one. This is an expert template right here, and let’s see if we can have. Kids by plan. So let’s go with a free plugin with a free kit right here. And obviously, the free kits are quite limited but if

So take this with a grain of salt, but as you see in the cloud or in the elemental cloud hosting, the pro version of comes with it. So that is a bonus of course, but let’s go with the, with a bakery right here, just for the sake of this video. We click on this. This is what the website would look like, that we’d build.

And actually this could be not just a bakery. This could be all types of websites. Friend of mine has a fitness website, a personal trainer website that looks quite similar. So what would we do?

Very straightforward. We will apply the kit and now elemental says you can use everything in this kit or customized to only include some items.

By applying the entire kit you’ll override any style settings or content already on your site? Yes, let’s do this with enabling unfiltered uploads, which means we can use SVG file images and we wait for Elementor to do its magic.

That was fast. I was about to pull up my, my. And my, my, my phone and to do some browsing, but actually the kid is now already live. So I won’t even skip this. I won’t even cut this out. So that’s going to close let’s exit the kid library and see what the website was, what the website now it looks like, and that’s pretty nice.

Obviously, this is not looking great because I don’t have a logo yet, but literally. Within what, 10 minutes or something. We built the website. Maybe the recording says 13 minutes. So within 13 minutes we built this fully functional website. Obviously, I don’t own a bakery. You probably don’t own a bakery either, but you get the point of this.

And this is literally what I love so much about Elementor and what I love so much about WordPress too. It’s like very easy to use and to get started with. And now you can see, this is the library kid. This is my version. Give or take the logo. They look the same. And now what we can do is edit with Elementor and I’m not doing this as a full element or tutorial.

There are other page builders who have similar functionality, presently playing around with oxygen, which is also a fantastic page builder. Vivo does a great opera is a great option as well, but. I want to show you the overall concept. You can literally click on any element and add your own texts to this.

So let’s say we don’t get in touch. I can just write, contact us here or contact us today or something like that. And then if we don’t like the font sizing, because it’s now in two rows, what we can do is go to style and topography. And then reduce the font size. And now it’s in the perfect site again in the perfect size and we’ll update and that’s it.

We can rearrange elements. We can make this image a lot bigger or a lot smaller. And to be honest, I would advise you if you’re not a designer, don’t touch the templates. They look good out of the box. Just upload, update the images, update the texts for this. You can upload a new image very easily. So what you want to do is you can either use this navigator right here, where it says in the Cullum, and when you pick the column and go-to style, you see there’s a background image attached to it.

And you can upload any image for the, for this matter. So let’s go with that. If you want to have an image, you could find one, right? So he has an image is this way too big, but let’s use this one in some water splashing. You can see it’s 500 kilobytes it’s way too big, but for the purpose of we’ll do now, we have, instead of the bond we have the water.
That’s how easy it is to switch out the contexts. And if you want it to have a contact form, instead of those informational, additionally, to that information, you can open the widgets with this button right here, search for a form.

Now you’ll see it’s a pro version. So we have to have elemental pro, but essentially what you would do is. You dragged the widget. Let me actually showcase this with, and non-pro widget right here. Let’s go with a button justice as an example. That’s about now in here and on the button, maybe it says it goes to Google just for this example, open Google.
That’s how easy it is without a mentor. So imagine. I think back two years ago, maybe five years ago, you would have to have a cold for this. You would have to literally write HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to make all these adjustments. And now you can play around with the colors. Obviously, the screen is very harsh.

We would probably go with some orange to stay in line with the branding here. You can just play around with this, whereas just a few years ago, you would have to have. Coding knowledge to build this. And this is what I find so fascinating about the technology that we are in. We have right now.

So the only thing left for us to do in this Cloudways based example right here is to connect a domain to this. So for this, I have my domains personally in named.

Brilliant. So now we are named sheep. I have to renew a few domains soon, and let’s go with just as an example right here. And this has nothing to do with WordPress, but I just want to give you the full picture and with elemental at would be, I think it would be somewhat similar.

As you go to advanced DNS and the domain settings and Namecheap, and you need to have the public IP address of the server from cloud ways, which is shown in the excess details in your application, you then go to domain management, enter the domain in this case, young caught. And Cloudways has great FAQ’s for this.

And the support team can help you set this up as well. And Elementor Cloud also has a great support team and FAQ’s that help you set this up?

So while we wait on cloud waste to update the domain, since I’ve done this a ton of times, I already know what I have to do. So we have to remove the Saint C name record. And we update the URL record to an AA, right? Quote, this is just a technical setting. Don’t you don’t need to understand what is going on here.

What’s happening just to have the type of record. The host is an at sign and devalue a CIP address off your server. That is what is needed for Cloudways.
I used the wrong domain.

Okay, so we didn’t use the uncoated digital. We use young quarter click, sorry for that. I’m keeping this, and this is just a fun video. And I want to show you the real-life of taking website live. So this is the chatbot coming.
Initia. She actually came back to me, or he came back to me. I shop right to connect. The issue is already sorted. Thank you for jumping on to this message. Perfect. So this is how good their support is. I didn’t even fully complete the request and they follow up. Okay. So let’s try this one more time.
[email protected] click install certificate. I’m not going to bother with the www version right now. Not sure what that arrow was about. Let’s see what happens here. And I think even without the certificate, without the SSL version, we should already see the website. Yep. Now we get a warning that the SSL certificate is not in place,
but you can see young stem or website is now live. And if we go without HTTPS it’s the redirects to each HTTPS and gives the warning. And now we are waiting on the certificate to install.

Let me just reload this here and see what it comes up with. And again, those are things that probably in real life, whether it happened might happen sometimes. Go wrong with it a bit. It’s nothing to do with Cloudways but can happen on any server at any host.

Okay. I had to interrupt the recording when I did this yesterday and now the certificate is live.
So that’s, by the way, why I’m wearing a shirt right now. But for the sake of just demonstrating that the website is live, go to young quarter click right now. At the time of recording, this probably I’ll take this offline right after the video gets online, but you can see the website is live. Now. A connection is secure, no cookies at CN stem, a website, or just a site that we’ve set up yesterday.
And the SSL certificate has been insolvent. Cloud-based it’s really a straightforward process. Most of the time just wanted to double-check. And before uploading the video, make sure that I have a solid ending. Now back to the recording that I did yesterday, for the summary of the video, long story short, if you want to build a website from scratch, I can recommend two hosts.

That is Elementor Cloud for 99 bucks a year, and I can recommend Cloudways as well.

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