3 Steps To Improve Your Email Confirmation Rates Despite Using Double Opt-In

Double opt-in can cause low email confirmation rates and slow your list growth. Yet, in some countries, it is required by law, and not having a double opt-in is not an option for many.

The problem with double opt-ins is that they’re time-consuming for your new subscribers and they can be confusing because you have to confirm the second step of the process. They never see the confirmation email in most cases and therefore never complete the registration to your list despite having signed up.

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This blog post will show you how to make this process easier on your new subscribers, while still maintaining compliance with any laws requiring double opt-ins. You’ll learn why using a double opt-in can be beneficial for your list – because it leads to more engaged and active subscribers!

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If you’re using a double opt-in for your new email subscribers, which you might be required to do by law, you’re likely seeing that your list doesn’t grow as fast anymore. In fact, I read a tweet from an email marketer who is sitting on 3.6k unconfirmed subscribers, who never confirmed the second step of the double opt-in process. This blog post will explain to you how you can fix this problem. You’ll learn how to simplify the double opt-in for your new subscribers and why using a double opt-in can be a good thing for your list – because it leads to more engaged and active subscribers!

1. What Is Double Opt-In And Do You Need To Use It?

A double opt-in is a process where you need to confirm your subscription by clicking a link in an email your subscriber receives after signing up. This extra step slows down your list growth because the confirmations are not instant – it takes some time for new subscribers to complete this step.

However, there are cases where you’re required by law to use the double opt-in process. These laws vary country by country and change often, which is why I cannot give you exact confirmation if you need to use it – but encourage you to do your own research.

At the time of recording, in January 2022, to my best knowledge, GDPR and the Can-Spam Act in the US do not explicitly require double opt-in. But using it makes proving the consent of your subscribers much easier.

2. Why Is Double Opt-In Slowing Down Your List Growth?

Double opt-in can be confusing for your new subscribers because you’ll send them an email with a confirmation link and they have to click on the link in order to complete the registration to your list.

In many cases, these confirmation emails never arrive in the inbox of your new subscriber but land in their spam or promotional folders. They’ll never see it and therefore they never click the confirmation link and never get added to your list.

A friend of mine is sitting on 3.6k unconfirmed subscribers because of the double opt-in process, can you imagine that?!

So the problem is clear. If somebody wants to subscribe to your list or your virtual summit but never sees the email with the confirmation link, they won’t be added to your list and will never receive your emails. What a pity.

3. How Improve Your Email Confirmation Rates

Let me show you how you can fix this issue of new subscribers never seeing your email and thereby improve your email confirmation rates.

When somebody subscribes to your list, you redirect them to a “Thank You” page, right? That’s a page where you show them a confirmation that they’re subscribed but need to take one more step to confirm being on your list.

You can encourage them to go to their email inbox, search for your email, and click on the confirmation link.

At this point, the process usually fails if your confirmation email went to spam or to the promotional tab in Gmail. Your subscriber doesn’t immediately see your confirmation email and since they’re as busy as we all are, they don’t bother looking for it and continue with their day.

What you should do instead, is to give them a direct link to their inbox that always shows them your confirmation email.

Sounds like magic? I thought it was – until I found an explanation on the page Growth-Design from Dan Benoni and Louis-Xavier Lavallee.

They call this technique sniper link and works as follows.

Step 1: Open your Gmail Inbox in a browser tab. Search for “from:@ACME.com in:anywhere” and replace “ACME.com” with your domain (or the domain the confirmation email will be sent from).

Step 2: Copy the URL of your browser tab. It should be something like: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/from%3A%40ACME.com+in%3Aanywhere

Step 3: On your Thank You page, insert a Call-To-Action with that link that says “Confirm your email”. By clicking on this link, your new subscriber will be taken to their own inbox, with a search showing all emails coming from your domain (no matter if they went to spam or not).

Check out the video for a quick example and also a link for Yahoo! based inboxes.

Ben and Louis-Xavier reported a 7% increase in conversion rate just from this little hack. Not bad for an improvement that takes you minutes to do.

After all, having a double opt-in is a good practice in email marketing. It ensures that only passionate subscribers are on your list, which is exactly what you want for a healthy email list. You don’t get lurkers who’d never read your emails or buy from you but only those people who truly care about what you have to say.

By implementing this trick, you’ll soon see an improved list growth – even with double opt-in enabled!

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