Make Your (Summit) Website Load Faster With Cloudflare & Cloudways

Make your website load faster with cloudflare

In this video, I’ll show you how to make your website load faster with Cloudflare and Cloudways, using my email marketing summit List Building School as an example.

It is hosted on WordPress and Cloudways. And I have just done this speed test right here and you can see it is rather quickly already.So the grades are all good. Largest content full paint 1.3 seconds. It’s not great, but it’s okay. Total blocking time. 133 milliseconds is amazing, fully loaded time. 1.9 seconds.

And there are things that we could do to improve now. I don’t have time to do a full speed optimization for this right now, but I do have time to add the CloudFlare Enterprise service to this website.

So what we have to do is to go to Which is the interface Cloudways gives you to manage your sites.

And on there, you can enable Cloudflare Enterprise, which usually costs north of $5,000 per month. And you can get it for five bucks per month with Cloudways is based on the partnership that they came up with Cloudflare. That sure sounds like a great way to make your website load faster with Cloudflare if you ask me.

So we let me zoom in on it. I walk you through this, you can see, I have four servers right now with Cloudways. We searched for the List Building School installation, and then we go to CloudFlare. So we have the tab CloudFlare right here. We’ll enter the domain and click on enable.

And now Cloudways is setting up the CloudFlare integration for this specific website. And this, this again is, is a paid service that costs me like five bucks per month to have this on List Building School. But I get global content delivery network coverage. I get global security protection against DDoS attacks against hacker attacks and other things.

If you are just building your WordPress website from scratch, you don’t need this service. But if you are running an online business and want the best loading time to get as many signups and sales as possible, this is a must-have in my opinion.

And the last time I’ve enabled that on the Virtual Summit Mastery site, the website loading time improved by 200%. So it went from about three seconds to 1.1, 1.2 seconds or something like that. And it’s really easy to speed up your website with this. So what I have to do now is I go to Namecheap and I update the domain settings with these values.

That’s the only thing I have to do. So let’s do this right now. Go to Namecheap or wherever you host your domain.

Sign in and I have to complete the two factor authentication right here. Now I’m in and now we go to the domain. Search for listbuilding.School, manage

click on advanced DNS.

And depending on if you cannot do this yourself, you all support team at the domain registrar that you’re using will be able to do these settings for you. I just copy the first name bell. Set up your text record. That’s the host and here’s the field for the value. Save the values in both fields.

That’s all we needed to do to make your website load faster with Cloudflare.

Now we take on next verifying the domain. Your domain ownership verification is in process may take up to 24 hours. All right. We are live. The domain is live. Well, it is authenticated. It’s not online yet. So what we now have to do is view the A records and then update those values, inside Namecheap.

So we go back into Namecheap, update the A record to a different IP address, the IP address that Cloudways gives me. And now I’ve set this TTL to one minute so that it propagates quicker throughout the internet with save changes.

And now we’ll use this propagation checkout right here. and search for the A record.

And now we are waiting for this DNS to update. And this might take a minute. Might take multiple minutes. We’ll see. I reload this page.

You have to be patient with these things, which I clearly am not, but you can see that the domain is already being propagated throughout the internet. For example, here in the United Kingdom and in France, that already has been updated in Germany. It has been updated in Italy. In these moments, when the DNS has propagated, you can see if your try to make your website load faster with Cloudflare has actually worked.

Check this again and see that the domain is life. Now. We are live, now it’s active. Now we have CloudFlare enterprise protecting and speeding up our website. So we have enterprise-grade content delivery network. We have a web application firewall. We have ddos protection, (distributed denial of services), which is obviously for a summit very important that the website is up and running all the time.

Optimization for mobile optimization for images. And now let us double-check this one more time. We should be good. Now let’s retest this page. Remember we had 1.3 seconds and the fully loaded time of 1.9 seconds. I’m really curious to see.

If CloudFlare enterprise actually helped us upgrade this, I do have my affiliate link for Cloudways below this video, by the way they are by far my preferred web hosts. I’ve been hosting with them since 2015. You can see I’m wearing a proud Cloudways t-shirt right now because I’m a Cloudways Maverick.

It’s one of the ripple effects that my first virtual summit had, is actually being in this paid position for cloud ways. Right now. You could see that it actually got worse. That’s very, very interesting.

That is very, very interesting, indeed. So let us clear some caches on the server. See if that fixed the stuff

it’s restart. MEMCA. That’s purge varnish. And let’s also look into the backend of the website and clear some caches there. I’m not sure if I already had a CDN set up with this, actually, I don’t want to have conflicting content delivery networks. Of course, it’s not active.

Let’s purge the breeze cash. And then we’ll open a new instance of GTMetrix and we run the test again and then parallel just for shits and giggles. We also use the Pingdom speed tool.

Let’s see what this says, enter and click on “Start Test”.

I think I actually have to deactivate Brave for this.

Honestly, I hoped it was a lot quicker or not a lot quicker, but I hoped it would have been quicker.

Let’s see if we can do this in. Okay. So Pingdom doesn’t like me today. I’ve been on the website for the first time. Um, I honestly thought it would be faster. But let’s test from another data center and see, sometimes they send it. Tonio center is slower than other ones. I don’t know why that is because we now have a content delivery network.

We should be fast in London as well. And if anything. I now have protection against the techs. I now have a global content delivery network. It should be quicker than without a delivery network. And I have all sorts of optimization in the background going on. So I keep CloudFlare enterprise in any case, because I want to have the protection and see there’s this there’s this twice as fast on.

Then the, uh, database center from San Antonio. So again, sometimes the UK at the U S data center messes up a bit. Um, I’m very happy with this result. I have two. 707 milliseconds is really fast. Time to interact with 984 85, many seconds fully loaded 1.2. Very, very happy with these results. I keep CloudFlare enterprise.

Annabelle’s highly recommend that you do it too. If you are on Cloudways use the link below the video. Start your free trial. You don’t even need to add a credit card and Cloudways does a migration for you. If you add the credit card, they migrate the site over for you. No questions asked. And again, if you have any questions about cloud ways in particular, leave a comment below this video.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe. That’s going to do it for me. I’ll catch you on the next one


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