Episode 11 – How To Connect With Influencers If Nobody Knows You

Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Episode 11 - How To Connect With Influencers If Nobody Knows You

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Virtual Summit Mastery podcast! This episode is all about how you can connect with influencers when nobody knows you. This is a question I get all the time.

When somebody hears about the concept of virtual summits and bringing together thought leaders and experts in your industry, how are they supposed to do that if they don’t have an audience yet? How can you add so much value to an influencer that you look up to? They actually take the time and speak at your event and not just speak, but promote your event to their audience and bring you as the summit host in front of their audience?

This episode is going to be a good one; stay tuned.

Create Your Dream 100 List of People You Want to Connect With

So, first of all, we need to be very strategic in this approach. Because as a virtual summit host, you will be connecting with a ton of people. So it would help if you are prepared to keep track of all those connections.

I always suggest that you create a list of influencers and thought leaders you want to connect with. This is your dream 100 list. I always recommend going with 100 people that you would love to connect with eventually.

And why 100 people? Because most of them will say no when you approach them. That is just the hard truth. They get requests like yours every single day, like tons of requests.

And to protect their time and productivity, they have to turn down most of them. Your job is to build a genuine relationship with those influencers before you meet them. So that you can be one of those people they accept and they do an interview with.

Make It a Habit to Consistently Engage with at least 10-15 of Those Influencers Daily

What you do is you create a spreadsheet, you create an air table, add them to your CRM and make sure to add at least 100 influencers to that list. Subscribe to their newsletter, subscribe to their podcasts, follow their social profiles. Essentially, wherever they put out content, you want to be there.

And it would help if you made it a habit to engage with at least 10-15 of those influencers daily. Why a habit? Because consistency wins. For those people to recognize you, you need to be consistently showing up in their stream.

They need to recognize your face at some point. And the only way to do that on social media is if you engage with them regularly. So make it a habit to go through that list depending on how much time you can spend on this and reply to the latest social media updates.

Leave a review of their latest podcast episode, buy their book if they have something coming up.

Find Ways to Add Value to Them and Show Them You Care About Their Content

Find ways to be present with them, add value, and show that you care about the content they publish. Show them that you help them reach more people by sharing your content. Here are a few examples of what you can do even if you have no audience.

Firstly, you comment on their social media status updates. You try to add value to them by adding your thoughts and by asking questions. Sharing your social media updates by tagging people you think would benefit from reading their social media updates.

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While Making A Bigger Impact On Their Audience, And Adding Targeted Subscribers To Their List.

Then, you can comment on their blogs if they have one. If they have an email newsletter, you have to subscribe. You want to read every single email that they send and reply to each of them.

Even if they don’t get back to you via email or a team is managing the email marketing instead of them, be sure that they don’t have many email subscribers who reply to every single email. So, that is a great way that you can stand out. Now, if you have a little bit of cash on your hands, I highly suggest that you buy their products.

You implement what they teach, and you write an epic review on that. I’m not talking about a review on Amazon. I’m talking about video reviews, blog reviews, sending emails to your own list, even if it’s just ten people.

Create a 5000-word review post on your website. Share that with the influencer that you want to be in touch with because they will appreciate how much work you put in that review. Create a 20-minute video review on YouTube.

Especially if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, this is a great way. This shows that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and that you are passionate about what you are doing. So if you can buy their products, do this.

Show them that you’ve bought the product and show them how you are implementing what they teach. This is the most essential step. I’m doing this right now with the YouTube course because I really want to get in touch with those people who do the course.

I want to grow the YouTube channel for Virtual Summit Mastery too. So what better way to create a win-win situation than by learning how to do YouTube, showing those course creators how I’m implementing what they teach, and building a relationship with those course creators that eventually I can get them onto a virtual summit of mine. Virtual Summit Mastery does have an audience.

But even if you don’t have an audience, I’m doing this right now with another best-selling author as well, Mike Michalowicz, whom I’ve been stalking for weeks on social media and responding to him. And slowly, by the time we are at right now, I’m probably four or five weeks into this process. He gets back to me on Twitter by now.

He even researched to see that I’m in Germany. And at the time of recording this podcast, there were some floods in Germany. He referenced those floods and said that he hopes I’m safe.

This happens within a matter of weeks. It’s not something that you can do overtime. But if you are consistent and follow through with a dream 100 List, that is when you will see those relationships come to life over time.

Become A Case Study for Those Influencers

What you can also do is, become a case study for those influencers. So say, for example, you want to reach out to Brian Dean from backlinko.com, one of the world’s biggest, most famous SEO experts; his blog contents are so detailed. Every single post he puts out is so detailed that you can implement this step by step.

Do that. If you want to build a relationship with Brian Dean, do what he teaches in the blog posts, and show them how you’re putting in the working document by creating a blog post about what you’re doing and creating a video about what you’re doing. Then, forward that to Brian.

You’ll be sure that he notices this because he needs these case studies to prove that the content he is putting out is working and is worth to be implemented.

Do Not Expect Anything in Return, Rather Focus on Giving Value to Them

Now here’s the most important thing, do not expect anything in return. Focus on adding value to them for at least the first month, if not the first two months. They get approached by people thinking about their benefits all the time.

When you are an influencer, you get tons of messages every single day from people asking you what you can do for them. We need to flip the switch here. We need to turn this around and ask the influencers what we can do to help them build an even bigger audience, create even better content, and serve their following better.

What is it that you can do to add value to them? Please do not ask them for an interview and a guest blog. Do not ask them for anything, except for this one question: What can I do for you today?

So what you need to do is you need to get out of this mindset of “I need to build a relationship quickly so that I can get them onto a podcast, so that I can get them onto my summit.” That is the relationship everybody else has. This is self-centric.

You don’t want to be that way. You need to tell your ego to step back, and you need to trust this process. This isn’t something that comes over time.

That is why in Virtual Summit Mastery, the recommended time for running a summit is at least 90 days if you’re running it for the first time. After your first summit, it’s cool because you’ll have an audience by the end, and you’ll be able to get influencers onto your summit more easily. But if it’s your first summit, take the time to build genuine relationships.

Those relationships will pay off over time, trust me. Those relationships are open doors, will get you introduced to even more people, and will help you get into affiliate launches that can do well and help you become known in front of the audience of those influencers, but this takes time. Think about how you’re building relationships in real life.

You’re not bumping into somebody randomly, and you immediately trust them. It doesn’t happen, especially if you want to work together, go on some public event together, and attach your name. It would be best if you built some trust before you’re willing to do this with somebody in real life.

So, online relationship building is not different from this. It would help if you gave yourself time to do this and building those relationships genuinely and adequately. Stay human and stay transparent about what you want to do.

So if you are approaching this influencer outreach from a perspective of how they can speak at your summit as quickly as possible, you will have a tough time. If you approach this from the perspective of just getting to know those people, focus on the human aspect. Try to add as much value to them as you can by engaging them on social media.

Tagging people you think will benefit from their content, commenting on their blogs, sharing their podcast episodes, replying to the email newsletters, writing case studies based on the content they put out, buying their products if you can. It is one of the best opportunities, the more expensive the product, the better obviously, but then this is also a matter of how much budget you have.

A perfect example is if somebody has a book launch coming up. If they have a book launch coming up, they’ll have what they call a book launch team of people who buy the book before it’s already live to get some reviews going. Join those teams and try to be as helpful as possible in those things.

You cannot expect anything in return in this step. You need to trust this process. If you put together this dream 100 List of influences you want to connect with, engage with a part of them on a daily habit.

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I appreciate every single review I read, and I value them. And this is a great way to build relationships with myself, just as a side note. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ll catch you next week.

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