Episode 13 – I’m A Team Of One. Can I Run A Summit Alone?

Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Episode 13 - I'm A Team Of One. Can I Run A Summit Alone?

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Welcome to Episode 13 of the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast. I will talk about whether you can run a summit if you are a team of one. 

So, if you’re a freelancer or a business owner who doesn’t have a team yet and you want to grow your business using a virtual summit, can you still do this? Or is this too much of a project? Is there too much work involved? 

I’m going to break down what skills you need to host a virtual summit. What types of experience should you have? And ultimately, whether it is a wise choice to run a virtual summit on your own? Or whether you should consider hiring virtual assistants and team members to help you with the virtual summit. 

So let’s dive right into this. So you are the only person in your business, which is cool. I’ve started like this myself. I’ve been a team of one for multiple years. And I was able to host virtual summits myself. 

Be Willing to Put in the Work

Now, this isn’t easy, but you can, of course, do it. And it is very much achievable if you’re willing to put in the work. So nothing worthwhile comes easy, I’ll say that. But it is something that can be done.

Hundreds of people are doing it, and thousands are subscribed to VSM who runs a profitable virtual summit, and they are doing it all by themselves. So, let’s talk about a few of the skills that are involved in running a summit. So you can assess whether you have those skills, whether that is something that you should outsource, and how to pay for team members. 

If you need to outsource something, how do you pay for the service provider or a virtual assistant, maybe that you hire for just the summit? 

Know the Skills Needed to Run a Summit

We dive into all of this. So the first list of skills I would say that is needed are copywriting, graphic design, building a website for your virtual summit, interviewing your guests, editing the interview videos, and paid advertising. You could add email marketing to that, but I’m counting that in the copywriting aspect. 

So, those are the skills. Copywriting, graphic design, building websites, interviewing, video editing, and paid advertising. Sounds very intimidating. I am certainly not an expert in all of this. Not yet! 

I can run a virtual summit on my own. I did so in 2015, even when I knew way less than I know now. So, you can run a virtual summit by yourself too. 

Learn about Copywriting or Use an AI tool like Jarvis to Write Copy for You

No doubt about this. You can do this. It is very achievable. But you will have to learn a little bit from all of these skills. You have to learn a bit about copywriting so that you can write good emails that people open. You could use a tool like Jarvis AI. Link in the show notes at VSMpodcast.com/13. 

Utilize Flat Rate Teams like Deer Designer or Use a Graphic Design Tool Like Canva

You could run a graphic design by a team like Deer Designer, which I use personally. It’s a flat rate design service. You can, of course, use a tool like Canva and do it all yourself. Canva is super affordable; it’s like $15 a month. They even have a free plan that is really powerful. You can use that to build outstanding graphics for your virtual summit. Even if you don’t have a graphic design background, the tools that we have at our hands nowadays are incredibly good. 

So, they will take up most of the work for you. You won’t have to do much with these tools. It is not a requirement to understand how graphic design works to use Canva and build beautiful graphics. You don’t need to understand how copywriting works to the most delicate details. You don’t need to understand that if you use a tool like Jarvis.ai and leverage software to create copy for you and with you. 

Here’s the Only Skill You Need to Run a Summit

You don’t need to know how to code a website. You could spin one up in click funnels or WordPress or Kartra. The only skill you need to have in running a virtual summit is being able to interview somebody on a topic you are both passionate about, and being able to have a conversation about a topic that you both deeply care about, and hitting the record button. 

You can use a tool like a stream yard. Link in the show notes again, VSMpodcast.com/13. I link all the tools that I mentioned here, by the way. 

You can use a tool like Stream Yard easily to do interviews. You only send your guests a browser-based link that they can use to open Stream Yard. It’s opening in their browser immediately accesses their webcam and microphone. You only need a webcam and microphone, too, and then you can record your video interview. That’s all it takes! It is super straightforward. 

Video Editing and Paid Advertising Are Most Likely SKills You Need to Outsource

Of course, there’s video editing that needs to be done to have a professional look and feel for your virtual summit. And that is a skill that you probably should outsource because learning video editing takes just a ton of time. 

It’s not complicated. There are tools like invideo.io, which you can use to edit your videos, but they just take too much time. This is something that I would outsource personally. 

I outsource that for my summit. I have an outstanding video editor in my hand. You can find those at Upwork, Onlinejobs.ph, and at Fiverr. It’s straightforward to hire a video editor. 

They don’t need to break the bank for a virtual summit. You can even get a bulk discount because the summit probably has around 15 -20 interviews. They get you a better price because you’re giving them 20 videos to edit. 

So, video editing is one of the skills that I would outsource and probably paid advertising, if you don’t know how to set up a Facebook Pixel or a Google remarketing pixel. It is very easy to sink money in paid ads if you don’t have all those conversion tracking tech things set up properly. 

That is something that I would personally outsource, too, because I don’t have the time to learn about paid advertising. There are tons of courses that you can take, of course, that teach you how to run paid ads. One example that comes to my mind is a course from my friend Azriel Ratz at learned.fiverr.com. Again, link at VSM podcast.com/13 for the show notes of this episode. 

There’s another course that comes to my mind from Dennis Yu, also on Fiverr. You can take those courses. Work your way through them and set up paid advertising for yourself, but it takes more time. That is the only drawback of running a summit as a team of one; it is so much possible. 

It can yield fantastic results. You can still make five figures per virtual summit. You can still have sponsors support your event financially before you run it so that you can pay for the time you need to invest in learning and improving those skills, but it just takes a bit longer than having a team. 

Leverage the Virtual Summit Mastery Method and its Templates or Look At Other Tools That Works for You

Now, what you can also do is, you can leverage the Virtual Summit Mastery Method and use the templates we have in VSM. So, we have website templates, beautifully designed graphics, email automations that you can import with a click of a button. All of those things are included in the Virtual Summit Mastery Course, and they save you a ton of time. 

I’ve heard this repeatedly, and some companies even rip off our templates and sell them for thousands of dollars. What can we do about this? You can consider if you have the budget to invest in courses like Virtual Summit Mastery. There are alternatives to VSM. You could look at tools like Hey Summit or Hop In that you can use to run your virtual summit, whatever works best for you. 

This podcast is not here to sell you on VSM. This podcast is here to give you all the options that you have. VSM is proven, and HeySummit.com has shown results for its users as well. Hop In is showing results for their users as well. 

I just found that if you want to have the most significant freedom, VSM is good for you. And if you want to have a platform that’s easy to use, that lets you run a summit with minimal effort but puts you in a specific structure. But, you could use one of those software tools and be happy with those as well.  

So, Can You Really Run a Virtual Summit on your Own? Yes, you definitely can.

Now, what’s the conclusion about this podcast episode? You’re a team of one; can you run a virtual summit? Yes. That is the one thing I want you to take away from this podcast episode. Even if you are just by yourself or have a full-time job, you can still run a virtual summit. 

It takes time and dedication, but you can do it. You can build a raving brand around your virtual summit. You can align yourself with all the thought leaders in your space that you dreamed of working with. You can bring those together in a virtual summit, even if you’re just a single person organizing this event. Again, if you want outsourcing recommendations, check out VSMpodcast.com/13. 

I’m listing all the tools and platforms you should know about or that you can consider when you want to outsource parts of the virtual summit there in the show notes. With that said, please don’t let being the only person in your business hold you back from running a virtual summit. You can do this. I believe in you! 

How to Connect with Me

If I can support you in any way or form, please reach out to me and send me an email at [email protected] Ping me on Twitter @iamjankoch. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for Virtual Summit Mastery and leave questions below the videos I’m publishing there. Reach out to me on Facebook; Virtual Summit Mastery is the page’s name, and Virtual Summit Secrets is our free group. There are tons of ways you can get in touch with me. If you have any questions about doing a virtual summit on your own.  

I’m here to support and obviously, you can pick up the book, VirtualSummitMastery/book. It’s only $4.99. It teaches you the entire process that we use for virtual summit mastery to host events that reliably generate tens of thousands of attendees. So, this is all I have to say in this podcast episode. I want to encourage you even if you are working by yourself and even if the idea of running a virtual summit sounds overwhelming; please know that you can do this. I’m your biggest fan, raving for you and cheering on the sidelines. If I can help in any way or form, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks so much for tuning in. Leave a review if you found this episode helpful and share this podcast with your friends. I highly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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