Episode 21 – A Look Behind The Scenes Of List Building School 3

Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Episode 21 - A Look Behind The Scenes Of List Building School 3

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Hey friends. Welcome to episode 21 of the Virtual Summit Mastery podcast. Today is a new way of doing this podcast episode.

I want to give you a look behind the scenes of List Building School 3, the virtual event that I am working on right now, except for the events that I’m hosting for my clients. I cannot talk about these right now, but I can talk about this bird in school three. We’re just coming up in April.

I thought I showed you. Faint or you what I am doing to host my own virtual summits to make sure that they are successful so that you can see what it’s actually like to be a summit host.

Let’s dive right into this. The first day that I took over hosting LBS 3 was after I took it over from Navid Moazzez who of course run the very successful first tool versions of LBS was to become crystal clear about the topic, which is of course, email marketing.

It’s predefined by this burning school who one and two, but then also about the nuances in the topic and about who the event would be for. So before I did anything else before I started speaking to people before I started announcing that I was working on this building school, before I put up a website or something like this, the first thing was I set aside a few days to think about.

What made List Building School 1 and 2 work so well, and then how can I make sure that lbs three is following that journey? And what I came up with was of course, email marketing is the most important topic for this email marketing is where this building school one and two put that focus on. So it wouldn’t make sense to change that, but.

The, what is the overarching question in email marketing? And what I found is when I, when I thought about this and when I spoke to a few friends of mine about what they struggled with with email marketing, the first step was to get this insight from the market, from the target audience, from the people in the trenches.

And when I spoke with a few friends of mine, when I spoke to people who I knew were understanding how important email marketing is. I also knew that they saw struggles. They experienced challenges in email marketing. I asked them what’s going on? Why is your email marketing not working? What do you think are the reasons for your email campaigns not getting open?

Producing proper return on investment compared to the time you spend on email marketing, do you make as much money from your email is as you should be making Russell Brunson said it should be a dollar a month per subscriber. So if you have 10,000 subscribers who should be making their own $10,000 per month from your email list, And to be Frank, I have had room in that myself.

I am not at that level of $1 per subscriber per month, but I’m getting there. So partially I am the target audience for this event myself. So I know exactly what struggles I have and who could speak to those struggles and who could speak to those challenges that I’m facing. And that is a situation that I feel I’ve seen over and over again from the.

Summits that worked the best. The summit host was actually a part of the. I, for example, when I ran the WP summit in 2015, my first event, I made five figures on the first event because I knew exactly what the problems were that were pressed developers and freelancers were facing. I was, one of them was the WP agency summit that I ran in 20 18, 20 19.

I had a WP focused agency. I knew the challenges. So if you are thinking about hosting a summit, And you’re not sure if you have enough expertise to host some sessions to, to do those interviews, you are over-complicating stuff. You don’t need to be the expert. I’ve written a blog post about this. I’ve done a podcast episode about this.

Let me look up the podcast number. In fact. Episode 19 VSM podcast.com/nineteen is where you can check out that podcast episode. You don’t need to be an expert to host a virtual summit. You have to have questions. You have to know where you are going, but you don’t need to know the path to get. That is where the experts come in.

That is where your summit guests come in. So for this bird in school three, I knew exactly my open rates aren’t as good as they probably could be. I could be seeing 50%, 60% open rates on my emails. I have a few friends in the WordPress space who get that, um, I’m not making as much money from emails as I would like to, obviously we all like to make more money.

I would love to see more responses from my email list as well. I don’t enjoy writing emails that feel like they’re going into Nirvana. It feels like nobody’s reading them. Nobody’s responding to them. Even though if I ask for responses and from conversations I had, those are common issues. I’m not the only one with those problems.

Of course. I am not the only one doing email marketing, so there must be other people. Maybe in different markets, maybe not individual summit industry, maybe as a coach, maybe as a consultant, maybe as a freelancer, maybe as an agency owner, maybe as a service provider, you’ve seen similar challenges where you’re sending a new setter.

First of all, you’re not sure what to write about in the first place. You’re not sure when to send the new set or what’s the best time, the best day in the week to send your emails. And then because of that, maybe you don’t even write it. Maybe you don’t even begin. If you do begin, if you do send the new setter, maybe you’re not seeing the results as you wanted, similar to my situation, maybe.

You think that email marketing is a waste of time because it’s not working for you. That is going to be the focus of list building school, because I know that when a summit focuses on a pain point, that many people have across different industries. I don’t care about the industry of the summit attendees, where they are coming from, whether they are lawyers, whether they are freelancers, whether they are doctors, as long as the second.

And tend the, like the persona for the summit attendee, they understand that email marketing should be working. They understand they need to be active in digital marketing then. They, they understand that they need to have this email list because Facebook had shut down the business account so that they cannot run it anymore.

They know that Google could shut down the SEO traffic for some reason or another. So they understand that having that email list is the one asset nobody can take away from you. Nobody can take away your email lists, you just export your subscribers every week or something. And that’s your address?

Nobody can take that from you. And of course, when somebody signs up to your email list, never underestimate the, the importance of this action. We tend to think about, oh, we tend to lose this connection with, with the humans who subscribed to our email list. But essentially what happens if I subscribe to your email list, I give you the permission to email me whenever.

I give you the permission to be in front of me whenever you decide to be in front of me, that is as close to giving you my phone number so that you can call me as it gets in digital words. This is as intimate of a relationship that can be before we go on a call together. And we, we, we tend to forget this, I think, and that is going to be a part of list-building school.

Three. I want to have this event. Give the whole picture of email marketing, and I want to bring together experts that show you how to make email marketing work for you. So that was step one. Step one is deciding on the angle of the summit, deciding on the angle of LDS three and who the vendor is for. And I’ve narrowed it down, not to a specific niche, but to a common pain point.

And that pain point is that you try to do email marketing. You’re not seeing the results that you want, and this building score three is showing you how to change that and how to make your marketing work for you again. After the pain point has been specified in that angle has been set. And in VSM we call this a profitable summit theme.

After that has been set, I started reaching out to experts. I have a few connections I’m in the fortunate position that I know a lot of people and. I’ve started speaking with friends. I’ve, I’ve asked for some introductions and I’ve put together this really amazing lineup of speakers who know how to make email marketing work.

They can speak about how to build an email list. They can speak about how to walk your audience on Instagram. When you have a launch coming up, for example, how to build your list via Instagram, how to build your list via YouTube marketing, how to build your list via Twitter, how to build your list via paid traffic.

And then once you have that list in place, There talk about Carl to nurture those relationships with somebody who’s just signed up to your email list. How do you make them know, like, and trust you? How do you leverage automation to do that so that you don’t have to send emails every day? If you wanted to.

I’ll have speakers who can explain how you manage the daily news at a two. And it’s actually something I’m really, really intrigued to experiment with because I’ve seen it had really good results for me when I did it in December or in, I want to say the last three months of 2020. I had really good results with a daily newsletter.

So I am intrigued to try this again, but this is the whole point of list-building school. Three. We’ll talk about building that email list, and then we’ll talk about building relationships with your subscribers. And then we’ll talk about how to ethically and effectively sell to your email list. Those are the three most important pain points.

I think it’s like, how do I get people on my. How do I get them to want to read my emails and how do I get them to give me money? When I send them emails, those three points are going to be the main anchors of this bill is goal three. And that is w w how I’m selecting all those experts. I’m not selecting experts who have the biggest audiences.

I’m not selecting experts who are famous, quote unquote, I am selecting experts who I know can speak to those problems. And it’s going a little bit against what we teach in VSM because in VSM we say that you have to have some, A-listers some very, very high profile speakers. I try to get those, but I don’t put too much emphasis on those because I like to see myself as a Guinea pig, to be honest.

And then with this podcast episode, I’m also experimenting by giving love behind the scenes. But essentially what I want to do is. I want to make this event as valuable as possible. And if I have somebody who I think has a really good handle on email marketing and they just have 500 people on their list, I still invite them because if those 500 people make them 50 grand.

Yeah. They are doing something right. And I don’t care if they have 500 people or 500,000, I would much rather have a smaller list with a predictable ROI with positive feedback. That is a real asset in my business. Then having a hundred thousand people on my list who couldn’t care less when I emailed them.

That is another point that I’ve seen is that people get too obsessed with, I need to grow my list. I need to grow my list. I need to get more subscribers more and more and more. Let me break it to you. You don’t need more subscribers. You need more of the right subscribers. You need more of the people who want to read what you have to say in your emails.

And this is what this building school is going to be about. This is how I’m selecting the speakers to make them as valuable as possible for your, for the audience. I want to help the audience as good as I can. That is why also I am inviting tech partners like simplero.com like early parrot or the positioning jarvis.ai.

Um, see if you haven’t listened to episode 20 VSM podcast or concept 20, where I talk about how I use Jarvis do it. It’s a really good tool. I think, um, I positioned convert kit on the summit. And I want to give a full, comprehensive picture of email marketing. So that obviously involves the tech that obviously involves me removing barriers in how to do stuff.

Not so much. Just talking about the strategies with the speakers, but then showing you how to do the things the speakers are talking about. That’s going to be another big point in this building school three. And then obviously if you want to sign up, I’ve dropped the name so much, but I didn’t share the URL yet.

It is list-building dot school where you can sign up right now, it’s open. The registration page is open, so you can see for yourself what’s included. And essentially what I want to do is. With this event, I want to give you the whole picture of email marketing. It’s a one-stop shop for email marketing. Uh, probably includes some automation templates or some swipe copy or something like that as a bonus as well.

And once that is done, I’m still in the process of recording the speaker sessions. I’m still taking new speakers on and so on, but in the meantime, I’m also building the landing page. As you can see this building that score the landing pages up and running. And I’m building the background, the backend of the summit as well.

I’m building the membership area for the Alexis pass. I’m building various sales pages. I’m building various steps in the funnel, essentially. And this is what goes in parallel to the speaker sessions. And it is a bit stressful. If you don’t have a team, if you’re managing everything on your own, it is a bit stressful for you.

So you have to be careful in how you balance that because you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of either one of those building blocks. But then once the landing pages are up and running, you can get the promotion and the word of mouth going. And this building school is happening on January 17th. I am promoting this.

Now this episode goes live to what the end of November. So this is not the official launch, but it is still something that I can share about now. And then once this pre-launch or pre pre-launch is going at some point. Probably six weeks before the summit may be four weeks before the sum of the full promotional cakes in speakers, sponsors affiliates.

Everybody and their dog who’s attending. They are all going to speak about the summit because I have partnered with early para.com for referral marketing system. The speakers become affiliates for the event sponsors and the tech partners and affiliates themselves who are not speaking. They all get the swipe copy and the images and stuff to promote the summit.

Then the launch kicking in. The Alexis past prices increase from the pre-launch to the launch of the summit. When the summit really starts on January 17th and then after the summit ends, the Alexis pass price increases. Once more. At that point, obviously the checkout process has to be in place. The ads have to be in place.

All the tracking has to be in place. The speakers, the speaker sessions have to be recorded at that time and they have to be edited and they have to be transcribed and. Maybe you have some captions, maybe you do like chapters that as you can do them on YouTube so that attendees can easily navigate the contents.

That’s one goal I have for lbs. I hope the team can make it happen in that we provide specific timestamps of what is going to be talked about in the session at which time, so that when the speaker talks about building an email list, but also about selling, you have the choice to switch. In between the sessions in the videos, on the topic that is most interesting for you.

And that is essentially the launch. So you have to have, obviously there’s this it’s grossly simplified, but essentially that’s all there is to it. You set the foundation by, by positioning as summit in the, in the market. You get clear about who you’re running the summit for what the transformation is.

They want to go through again for AVS I’m taking people who. I don’t have any results from email marketing to making email marketing work for them again, scaling their business, adding predictability to your business. Essentially. Then you onboard speakers. You onboard partners, you onboard sponsors, you build the landing pages and you build the membership area and all that good stuff.

You set up the funnel for the launch. Get all the tracking in place for ad campaigns. And that is essentially the process of the summit. You deliver the summit, obviously via email. Um, that’s what we teach in VSM at least you have at least one email per day with the links to the speaker session so that people are inclined to sign up to your email list.

You cannot see the sessions if you’re not on the email list, that’s the whole point. And then there are various ways and strategies to make some ICRI on a virtual summit, which I won’t dive into this podcast because it would take way too far, but essentially. Is this the rough outline for this building school three I’m in the process of finishing the membership area, finishing the website, preparing for the launch and the team is working on the speaker sessions.

In the meantime, I still like to do the membership myself because I’m a WordPress guy by nature. That’s I just love tinkering around with websites, building websites. Um, but yeah, essentially, that’s also another example that is worth mentioning is. Please, please, please invest in a team if you can.

Otherwise you have out. It is really, really hard. There’s a lot of work to run a summit in three months, if you’re all doing it by yourself. So please invest in a team if you can, but then also leverage your own strength in the summit. If you just do the sessions, that’s totally fine. Totally fine. They have everybody else do everything.

Perfect. Put them through Vitra summon mastery, put one of your team members through it and have them make that as the manager for the project. Perfect works. That’s what I do. I sit down for your services is just have my clients do the interview. And I do the rest. I work with them of clothes, but I try to take as much workload off their shoulders as possible.

And that is what you could do with your team as well. Put them through the virtual summit mastery course, it’s super affordable training for your team. You can check it [email protected] and familiarize yourself with everything we have to offer there. And essentially. You don’t have to do as much or more work than you want to with a virtual summit.

There’s a good way to outsource this work. And there’s also a good way to do everything yourself. If you want to, if you enjoy that hosting, a summit should be the way you do it. But if you follow a process like VSM, you can greatly increase your chances of being successful in doing that. And I hope this was an interesting look behind the scenes of this building school three, essentially.

Walking you through the process. I probably share more of this on Tik TOK in the future. So if you want to follow me there, I am young call on Tik TOK and on Twitter, probably to Instagram, as young coffee, as I’m probably sharing some stuff over there as well. So if you want to have to look behind the scenes of list-building school.

Then, definitely sign up to the email list, but also follow me on the socials. The website for the summit is list building.school, and I’m looking forward to seeing you I’ll catch you in the next week and the next podcast episode or on social. Cheers.

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