Episode 7 – Build Your Email Address List And Earn Revenue Even After Your Summit Ended

Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Episode 7 - Build Your Email Address List And Earn Revenue Even After Your Summit Ended

This episode is going to be a great one. I’m super fired up about the episode about post-summit growth. This is a topic very near and dear to my heart because as a summit host, you put in months of hard work and dedication, you’re probably facing serious doubts and anxiety along the way. And I am so happy to tell you that you can reap the rewards of that hard work even after your summit is over. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about relaunching your summit; we’ll talk about evergreen events. We’ll talk about turning your summit into a free lead magnet, about nurturing relationships with your speakers and sponsors. And, of course, about nurturing your newly built email address list.

Let’s dive right into this. The first and most important thing that you need to realize is you can still reap the benefits from your event even after the summit is over. It might sound counterintuitive, but hear me out on this and stay with me during this episode because I’ll make it crystal clear how you can make money and get even more subscribers, even after your event is over. 

1. Relaunch Your Summit 

The first thing, the first strategy that I want to talk about is relaunching your summit. Every quarter, that’s four times a year, you can run the event as if it were new.

You will always get new subscribers, you will always reach new people when you promote your event again and giving it a couple of months is enough time to let the dust settle off your previous promotion to ask the speakers to promote it again.

Remember, you can sign them up as affiliates if you’re selling lifetime access passes to your summit. So they have a benefit for promoting again. The benefit for you is pretty straightforward. You can reuse all your email automation. You can reuse all your swipe copy, all the images, most importantly, all the sessions that you have already recorded and edited. All the audio versions. You only have to update the dates in those contents.

That is, I think one of the smartest ways to repurpose your virtual summit is to relaunch it every quarter, build on what you already have.

Before you do that, of course, take a good look at what went right and what went wrong during your previous iteration of running this virtual event so that you can adjust when you’re relaunching it. And, of course, you want to keep the content fresh, and you want to keep the content relevant.

I would suggest that you add a few new speakers every time you relaunch the event. And I would also suggest that you add new bonuses and make them available for free to current all-access pass holders. With that, you are consistently over-delivering, and you are proving to those people who bought from you that you care about them and value the engagement with them.

That makes them very likely to buy from you again in the future.

With relaunching your summit, you are building your email address list continually, without having the entire workload of running a new summit over again. 

2. Run A Summit As Evergreen 

The next step is running a summit as evergreen.

Essentially, you are running your summit on autopilot; people can sign up for your event whenever they want. And software makes it look as if the summit was running right then and there when they sign up.

You can have tools like Deadline Funnel and Active Campaign, for example, to run your summit as if it was live 24/7 throughout the entire year. Then, when somebody comes to the website, and they see the summit starting two days from now, they sign up, which triggers the Evergreen email automation that indoctrinates them onto the summit quickly and then delivers the summit sessions via email automatically.

Deadline Funnel could handle the automated content exploration so that whenever somebody comes to the session page, they each have a unique countdown, based on the time they signed up for your evergreen summit. This is a super powerful method if you want to have something that you can promote throughout the entire year to build your email address list consistently.

But it would be best to be prepared for a few caveats here because evergreen summits are not as powerful as launching a summit or even relaunching the summit. After all, you don’t have the buzz from all the speakers, sponsors, and media partners promoting your event.

You should be prepared for fewer conversions and pay for paid traffic quite a bit more than during the launch of your summit. And likely, over time, you will see declining numbers in registrations and sales. But still, evergreen summit if you have a profitable paid traffic campaign that produces a good ROI for you, evergreen summits can be a very, very good way to earn revenue from your summit more than once. 

3. Turn Your Summit Into a Free Lead Magnet 

The third strategy is to turn your summit into a free lead magnet. That might sound counterintuitive, but hear me out on this. There are two ways you can use a summit as a free lead magnet.

One is if you’re not selling an All-Access Pass straight from the get-go because your intention always was to keep it free, then you can promote your summit forever and use it as a lead magnet on steroids.

This is probably the fastest way to build your email list from my experience. Of course, again, you don’t have the promotion from the speakers that’s ongoing. You don’t have ongoing promotions from sponsors. So you need again to pay for paid traffic, maybe your social marketing or SEO, to keep the traffic up because the speakers will only promote it once.

The other strategy you can use for keeping a summit as a free lead magnet is if you have a summit that’s two years old, for example, where the content is not as relevant anymore.

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And if you have, say, another iteration of the summit run already, and you can tell that the content from the older version is not as relevant, you could add that as a bonus, as a giveaway when somebody signs up to your email list. They get, say, the five most popular episodes from your virtual summit. That could also be an excellent way to repurpose your virtual event and to, again, reap the benefits for way longer than just the time of your event when it’s live. 

Now, I want to finish this episode with two powerful strategies. Before I do that, I’d like to point you to free training that I am delivering on summitmasterclass.com where I dive deeper into all the strategies on hosting virtual summits. And help you understand how you can grow a wildly profitable online business, exponentially scale your email list size, scale your revenue, and scale your impact using virtual summits. You can go to summitmasterclass.com and sign up for the free training, get it delivered straight to your inbox. And, of course, that gives you access to myself and my team as well. So you can get your questions answered directly from us.  

4. Nurture Relationships With Your Summit Speakers and Sponsors 

Strategy number four that I want to talk about here is nurturing relationships with your speakers and sponsors.

Post-summit growth is not always coming from promoting the summit directly. But you can also, and you should keep in touch with everybody who participated in the summit, especially the speakers and sponsors. You can support them as affiliates, for example. And you definitely should engage with them personally and with their content on social media to build a stronger relationship.

Just ask them regularly how you can best support them. Show your appreciation for them participating in your virtual summit because you need to keep in mind that without the support of speakers and the support of sponsors, your virtual summit likely wouldn’t have happened – and you wouldn’t be in the position where you are right now.

It’s always good to stay humble and to continually work on your relationships with the influencers you’ve gotten to speak at your event; because those people can take you to the next level.

Again, you’re standing on the expert’s shoulders here; they’re probably more known than you are even after your event is over. So why not work with them?

Collaborate on a blog post or get on their podcast or invite them to your podcast, for example. Try to create content in collaboration with them to share your audience, share their audience with you, and maybe co-host webinars to webinars swap. That’s what I’m regularly doing with virtual summit speakers and guests at my events. And those work well to build more leadership, to build more authority in your niche. 

5. Nurture Your Newly Built Email Address List 

And the last strategy about post-summit growth is that you need to nurture your newly built email list. So this is the most powerful strategy by far, and that’s why I’ve kept them to the very end of this episode because, as you learned in school, probably arguments always finish with the strongest argument in the last position.

You do want to nurture your new email list and build a relationship with all those people who got in touch with you. For the first time when a summit attendee has subscribed to your email list, you want to deliver value to them and keep sending emails continually.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in the past is abandoning email lists. After my summits, I would get 6x more email subscribers. That is 600% more subscriber 600% list growth, and what could I do with them? For months, I wouldn’t send them an email. So they forgot about me, of course. Everybody has life going on; everybody gets enough emails already.

It would help if you stayed on top of the minds of your new subscribers. And that starts the day the summit is over. Send them a survey on what they liked about your summit, what they didn’t like about your summit. Send them a question on how you can best support them going forward. Just be yourself and try to make yourself accessible and available to those people who signed up to your email list who didn’t know you so that you can earn the trust of your new subscribers.

They get to know who you are, what you’re passionate about, and why they should pay attention to you. You want to foster that new position of leadership and authority by continually communicating, of course. And in the end, what you can do is you can promote to them, of course, if you have the trust if you want the authority. If you are seen as a thought leader in your space by your email list, you can crush marketing with your email list. You can promote affiliate products and offer your summit as a bonus, for example, to those who didn’t get the All-Access Pass anyways. You can launch a new product, and then you have a warm email list with subscribers who are clinging on to your lips and who’s passionate about what you have to say. They believe in what you have to say. So this is by far the most powerful step, and I want to end this episode with this step. Nurture the email list that you’ve built from the summit.  

To recap, there are multiple ways you can use to grow your business through your summit even after the event ended. One is you can relaunch your summit every quarter and add new speakers, add new bonuses and make sure everybody knows to promote. You can run evergreen summits; that is, you can run your summit on autopilot, and people can sign up whenever they want. And software like Active Campaign and Deadline Funnel makes it seem as if the event was running right then and there. You can turn your summit into a free lead magnet, and you should nurture the relationships with your speakers and sponsors to stand on the shoulders of giants continually. And lastly, build new relationships with those who subscribe to your email list during the summit who didn’t know you before. So that you can establish thought leadership and a position of authority with them, win their trust and then promote new products, whether that’s your own or affiliate to them to continue to make money.

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