Episode 0 – Practical Tips for Hosting Online Events: Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast

This is the first episode of the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast, giving you an overview of what you can expect from the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast and what you can learn when you're subscribing to the episodes.
Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
Episode 0 - Practical Tips for Hosting Online Events: Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast

This is the first episode of the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast, giving you an overview of what you can expect from the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast and what you can learn when you’re subscribing to the episodes.

The tagline of this podcast is: Discover practical and proven methods to exponentially grow your email list, influence, revenue, and impact. And that’s what I will deliver with each episode.

In episodes that are roughly 15-20 minutes long, you’ll get to listen to:

  • real-life lessons learned from hosting multiple summits that brought in six figures in revenue,
  • tips and tricks from thought leaders and influencers in the digital marketing space,
  • and fun stories about entrepreneurship and being a virtual summit host.
    In short, this podcast will give you episodes that are easy to digest and won’t take much of your time.

Is The Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast For You?

With the first virtual summit I ever hosted, I grew my email list by over 600%. That is 6x more email addresses from just a single event.

I often see statements like this one from one of the VSM students shared in the private Facebook group:

Summits still work, despite more and more online events happening due to the current situation. Often, even first-time summit hosts generate five figures in revenue and thousands of new email subscribers after following the Virtual Summit Mastery Method.

I’m starting this podcast to share more about the powerful marketing strategy of hosting online events. They can do wonders for almost any business that can facilitate transactions online.

If you want to get more email subscribers, establish authentic thought leadership, and grow your revenue, the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast is made precisely for you.

With this podcast, I want to save you time by breaking down methods and strategies shared by real-world experts. I’m in the favorable position to be talking to digital marketing rockstars weekly, and I’m digesting their best tips into short and concise podcast episodes.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll get to hear what works in the online marketing world. The best ethical and white-hat tactics to grow your business are waiting for you!

Who Is The Podcast Host?

Hey, I’m glad you’re asking!
I’m Jan Koch, the owner of Virtual Summit Mastery. After making myself a name in the WordPress industry, I’m now focusing exclusively on virtual summits.

You’ll see me on webinars for Cloudways and some other events, companies, or podcasts from time to time.

If you watch a video from me (subscribe to the VSM YouTube channel if you didn’t already), you’ll see my home office based in Germany near the North Sea.

My family and I live here with our silver lab and enjoy the lifestyle of running an online business. The flexibility and freedom are just second to none.

While many VSM students are traveling the world or living the nomad lifestyle, I’m super happy with our property and house. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s our home base that nobody can take from us.

How Coaches, Consultants, Experts, and Speakers Are Using

Our Proven System to Build Wildly Profitable Online Businesses With Virtual Summits

While Making A Bigger Impact On Their Audience, And Adding Targeted Subscribers To Their List.

I’m a sucker for online marketing and summits, so if you aren’t as fired up as I am about virtual summits, give this podcast a listen. Who knows, I might share some facts with you that give you new insights!


What follows below is the full transcription of the podcast episode.

Welcome to the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast, where you will discover practical and proven methods to grow your email list, influence revenue, and impact exponentially. And now your host Jan Koch. Welcome to this first episode of the virtual summit mastery podcast. I am so excited that I’m finally launching this, and I thank you for spending the time and going a bit behind the scenes of this podcast.

So technically, this is episode zero because I want to take a minute and walk you through what you can expect from the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast.

Now a bit of background on myself. My name is Jan Koch. I am an entrepreneur based in Germany. I took over Virtual Summit Mastery in early 2021 from the founder Navid Moazzez. He and I are good friends since 2013, and after some conversations around him, moving perspectives with his business and me going more and more into virtual summits for the past six years already.

It just made sense. And we set up a good agreement that I can take over Virtual Summit Mastery and branded it as my own. And hence, I am starting a podcast.

Now, what’s my history with virtual summits? And what did I achieve with them?

As you heard in the intro, this podcast is where you will discover practical and proven methods to exponentially grow your email list, influence, revenue, and impact.

These benefits are precisely what I’ve been experiencing since 2015 through the help of virtual summits. So the first one I hosted was the WP Summit in 2015, and it already grew my email list by 600%. So that got me hooked. I mean, the 600% growth in email subscribers was pretty epic, and it took my business to the next level.

And I’ve seen these results from multiple VSM students. So ever since that first summit, I’ve been an active part of the community. And I love helping people run virtual conferences. So this is why I’ve decided to start this podcast. I love talking about this stuff. I love talking about online marketing and sharing what I’m learning from other influencers from other experts in the field.

I have a very learner-driven mindset, as you will notice when you follow this podcast. I am always trying to come from a learner’s perspective. I am trying to extract value from all the influencers that I’m interviewing on the webinars and summits regularly. And that is precisely what I want to share on this podcast.

So these episodes will be shorter ones that will be like 15 to 20-minute episodes. On this podcast, I’m sharing lessons from conversations that I am having with industry-leading experts in the online marketing space, in the personal branding space, video marketing, you name it, whatever topic that is related to growing your email list, influence revenue and impact.

Now I am doing these interviews but not on this podcast. It might come a little bit as a surprise. The Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast is not an interview-style podcast.

Instead, I’ll be leveraging the interviews that I’m doing in other contexts. For example, I do weekly webinars with Cloudways. I host my summits. I guest on podcasts.

I get interviewed on podcasts. I contribute to blocks from those conversations. What I will do is I will pull out some nuggets, some proven strategies that that respective expert has implemented in their own business and spoken about on the interview that I’ve done with, with him or her. I would dive deeper into those during these podcasts episodes.

Let’s talk about the intended use for this podcast. How do you, how should you consume it?

My idea is that this is a 15 to 20-minute time slot in your day—a time where you can get some inspiration for a new strategy and new marketing tactic. Maybe you’ll find a new approach to a roadblock that you are facing right now.

And it would be best if you didn’t have to spend like a whole hour or 45 minutes to go through an interview and then extract the nuggets yourself.

And to note down the most important takeaways for yourself, I’m trying to save you that time. I’m trying to find out the best strategies shared in the interviews that I’m doing right now and try to condense them, make them as actionable as possible, and then elaborate on those during these podcasts episodes.

This podcast is all about audience building. If you want to know what type of topic you can expect to learn more about when you are subscribing to the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast, it’s all about building your audience. Because the one driver I found for business growth is the number of passionate followers that you have.

And in most cases, that is your email list. So we’re not going to focus on vanity metrics. Like how many likes you have on Facebook? How many Twitter followers, how many clicks you get, how many likes you get on your LinkedIn comments on your LinkedIn posts? I really couldn’t care less about those metrics.

The one thing I am passionate about, as you can tell, is building an engaged email list. And that is why I’m sending daily newsletters to part of my audience. And since I’ve been doing that, my open rate and click-through rate and all the other important metrics that show where the revenue is coming from have been going through the roof.

So this is just a glimpse of what I’m going to talk about. I’d share. And one of the upcoming episodes, I share my process on how you can write a daily email newsletter, too, with just one or two hours. Per week. So again, I’ll be talking about practical strategies on how you can build an engaged audience online.

And let me frame a little bit that, that online part of running a business online, because that is what I’m experiencing myself as well. I am a father by now. My first daughter was born last year in June 2020. Thanks to my online business, I get to spend a lot of time with her.

A job wouldn’t let me do that. Or if I even would have a business that would require me to go into an office that wasn’t location independent, I couldn’t work during my times. So everything you’ll learn on this podcast – all the tips that experts shared with me – will be tailored to helping you build a business that you can run independently of your location and with minimum time constraint.

Potentially, you could even outsource your entire business. And this is part of what I’m working towards: removing myself from the day-to-day operations. I want to focus on big-picture thinking, recording podcast episodes, and being on those interviews. That’s what I do best, I believe. And this is part of the strategy of building my own business and building my audience online.

And this is also what I want to talk about on this podcast is, as I’ve said, I have a very learning, driven mindset. So whatever I learn, I feel the urge to talk about it. And sometimes that annoys my wife quite a bit because I get so excited about things. And she’s not in this online marketing world. She’s a trained nurse.

And sometimes, I’m just annoying her. And I am just talking so much about this stuff that I learned from an interview that I’ve done that she gets a little bit annoyed about me.
On the other hand, it’s good to be grounded every now and then. It’s good to have things set back into perspective. Still, as you can tell, I’m very passionate about these online businesses.
If you subscribe to the Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast, you will learn quite a bit about how you can build your audience online. And this is related to virtual summits. So if you want to learn how to become a summit organizer by yourself, you might ask the following questions:

  • What are the common pitfalls of hosting virtual summits?
  • What type of budget do you need to set aside in terms of money?
  • How much time do you need to give yourself to run a virtual summit?
  • What are some of the promotional strategies?
  • How can you monetize a summit?

Those are all topics that I will cover in this podcast in the upcoming episodes.

And I can promise you; I have content for like the first 50 episodes outlined already. I’m pretty sure the format will change over time based on the feedback that I get. But the one thing I can guarantee is that I am transparent about how I’m building the business, what I’m doing, how I’m running the business.

I’m a big fan of sharing behind-the-scenes information because I think this is the meat of any online marketing strategy. This transparency and honesty are essential for being a thought leader in this space.
I think this is what makes people connect with you. I mean, you cannot come from a position that looks down on other people just because you feel you know more than they do.

And even though that might be true, you have to showcase humbleness. You have to be approachable as a human being. That’s what I’m trying to be on this podcast right here. I’m trying to build a relationship with you as the listener. So I’m always. Always, always asking for feedback, asking for your thoughts.

And obviously, the first thing I want you to ask is what you think about the concept that I’ve laid out here? What do you think about the idea of having shorter episodes? I dive deep into the lessons that I’m learning and implement myself that I’m learning from other experts than myself.

So it’s a vast, vast, vast, vast audience that you are tapping into in terms of the variety of experts that I am lucky to be connected with. Let me know what you think about this approach because that’s how I learned to build my online business. I’m running a six-figure online business by now.

And what will be a constant for me is that I am always trying to learn new things. That was always ingrained, probably the way how I was raised. I am always learning, trying to make mistakes, and learning from them instead of just making the same mistakes repeatedly. And the one thing.

It all came down to is having that engaged audience. That active email list from being a virtual summit host put me in the position to interview all these experts in the first place. Because I was building relationships with them through the virtual summit, I was making a name for myself in the industries I was engaging in.

And I think by condensing the lessons that I’ve learned into. Uh, snack-able format. Suppose you want into a format that’s easy to digest and that doesn’t take a lot of time to listen to. In that case, this can be a very, very helpful podcast, and I hope it turns into a valuable resource for you. So again, in this podcast, what I want to do is I want to give you shorter answers.

So it’s then the regular podcasts, like maybe 15 to 20 minutes on average. I want to share the takeaways that I’m learning from the interviews I’m doing from the webinars that I’m co-hosting or organizing.

I want to save you time by breaking down the methods and strategies shared by experts I am talking to during interviews or webinars.

And then lastly, I want to spread the word about what works in the online marketing world by sharing ethical white-hat tactics you can use to grow your own business and brand. So again, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback tweet at me at I am young cough or leave a comment below this podcast.

If you look, if you’re listening to us on the website, This is my first podcast. I am learning a lot still, even though I’m in the online marketing world for almost ten years now, which feels like a super, super long time. And I am super excited to dive into this, especially if you’re still listening, which might motivate you.

I’m not a native English speaker. I am natively German. And I’m doing this podcast in English to get myself out of my comfort zone. And because my primary audience right now is globally distributed. So if I can run this podcast, anybody can.

I want to remove the excuses for you. I want you to be able to go after your goals.

I want to help you build your audience, grow an engaged following, and take your brand to the next step.

So with that out of the way, I invite you to subscribe to the virtual summit mastery podcast. And I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you. Thank you very much.

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