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“60,000+ email subscribers & $700K+ in revenue from two summits… and a multi-million dollar business…”

Chandler Bolt

“60,000 new email subscribers and $500K+ in revenue in 2 weeks…”

Caitlin Pyle

“19,560 new email subscribers & 600+ paying customers from my first summit in a very crowded market... ”

Steph Gaudreau

“I went from zero to 30K+ email subscribers and 6-figures in revenue... Virtual Summit Mastery has by far been the BEST program I've ever invested in my life…”

Mitch Asser

“VSM gave me the confidence I can not only duplicate but grow what I accomplished with my first summit...”

Amanda Smith

“$225K in my first year of business in the insurance industry...”

Brian Appleton

“2,100 email subscribers, 460 Sales, and a recurring revenue stream… in a non-traditional market!”

Diana Rowan

“I went from zero to 4,500 email subscribers and $58K+ in revenue... and traveling the world with my family...”

Augustas Kligys

“20,000+ new email subscribers and multiple 6-figures in revenue from a Parenting Summit...”

Kurt Black

“From struggling blogger to 6,000 new email subscribers and $30,000+ in revenue...”

Lisa Edwards

“15,000 new email subscribers, 500+ customers and built rewarding relationships and partnerships with big influencers..."

Jesse Krieger

“I tripled my email list from my first summit and received several paid speaking gigs…”

Shade Adu

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