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Discover your profitable virtual summit idea & take the first steps in organizing your profitable virtual summit, even if you're starting from scratch.

You'll learn the same method that hundreds of VSM students are using for years to run events with tens of thousands of attendees.

I'm making the replays available ungated because I believe in leading with value. Feel free to share them with your friends!

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introducing virtual summit mastery

I’m super excited to introduce you to Virtual Summit Mastery, the best step-by-step online business training for exponentially growing your audience, influence and revenue FAST.

Using the proven Virtual Summit Mastery method, my students and I have generated hundreds of thousands of qualified leads to their email lists and millions of dollars in sales from their virtual summits -- just in the past twelve months alone!

And that number is increasing weekly as more and more VSM students launch their own profitable virtual summits in every niche you can imagine (at any stage of their business).

All the best… stay inspired!

Jan Koch

What can Virtual Summit Mastery do for you?
List Building
Build a targeted email list of people who are interested in your topic.
Raise your visibility and gain traction for your business
Influencer Relationships
Create quality relationships with influencers in your niche
Reach new people in your target market with summit content
Establish yourself as a go-to expert in your niche
Create raving fans who convert to loyal customers for life
Generate revenue to increase your income


The CEO of virtual summit mastery

The Virtual Summit Mastery Program is led by Jan Koch, who is a lifestyle entrepreneur, the host of multiple industry-leading virtual summits, and owner of Virtual Summit Mastery. Named by many marketing leaders as the world’s leading virtual summit expert, Jan is known for getting his students real results.

Jan has helped his clients and students generate hundreds of thousands of email subscribers and millions of dollars in revenue from their virtual summits in just the past year alone by putting his proven Virtual Summit Mastery Method to use in industries varied as harp music, play therapy, insurance, parenting, adoption, publishing, online marketing, and 100’s more.

Virtual Summit Mastery has been features in magazines and websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc., Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and Neil Patel. Jan is an international speaker, opening online conferences, and getting invited to join podcasts & webinars on a regular basis.

Jan's big mission is to show you what is REALLY working to build your highly profitable online business so you can make a bigger impact in the world, wherever you’re starting… and Virtual Summit Mastery will help you get there a lot faster.

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